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CN RP-Alternate The Second Dark Age


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Road to the Great War:




In Eurasia:  The Pure Lands Russian War begins in May, by September the Pure Lands has advanced to take the Ukraine and Volgograd.  This is joined by a surprise airborne attack on Moscow.  Though the daring raid is ultimately defeated by the Russian Army, Pure Land forces manage to capture and kill most of the Imperial Family including the Czar along with much of the Duma, and much of the Russian Orthodox Church in what comes to be known as the Christmas Day Massacre.




Russian Forces are organized under the single Czardom from Vauleyo, with Vladimir Putin being appointed commander in chief of he Russian Forces.  The forces manage to hold the advancing Pure Land army in the winter, while ordering scorched Earth and conscription orders.  Russian forces push down at tremendous human cost, in order to retake Kiev and Volgograd. By August, 200, 000 Pure Land troops are seiged in the two cities, with their armies in a route back to their own borders.  In desperation, Pure Lands unleashes chemical weapons, targeting the Russian Agricultural heartland and key positions around the city to allow the armies to break out. 


The Tianxia Commonwealth, Kingdom of Cochin, and Athenian Federation respond by declaring war.  Tianxia forces immediately launch a strategic surprise attack on the Pure Lands leadership and nuclear forces, trying to destroy as much of their weapons at the outset.  Though their forces successfully kill most of the General Staff, Xerxes escapes along with a two of their ballistic missile submarines.  Each launches under his order nuclear attacks upon targets in Asia and Eastern Europe, before coalition forces get them.  New Delhi, Bombay, Islamabad, Lhasa, Cairo, Suez, Constantinople, Athens, Samarkand, and Chongqing are destroyed.  Complementing these attacks, mass strategic cyber attacks are carried out destroying critical infrastructure, large amounts of private wealth, and melting down power plants in Japan and France, releasing radiation across Europe and much of North East Asia.  Cochin with its defenses still maturing and more dependent on older fission plants gets hit the hardest, six power plants spewing radiation, complimented by agents use of biological warfare in the slums of the still developing parts of India create a devastation.




New Years is marked by the landing of Tianxian Marines along the Persian Gulf Coast, and the drives to Peripolis and Babylon.  Athenian forces achieve break throughs in Syria, driving to cut the Pure Lands Caucus forces in a pincer between them and the Russian Army.   In the East, Cochin and Tianxia combined armies fight a war against retreating scorched earth soldiers.  The Pure Land forces are within a month leadershipless in chaos, with their Shah on the run.  By May Xerxes resurfaces however, ordering his forces to recruit local youth and give them drugs sending them into mass human wave attacks, and burn the homes and farms of those who don’t.  In a final genocide, the Pure Lands kills almost 15% of the population of Mesopatamia and Persia, over 50% of youth, sending them in suicide wave attacks to stop the coalition.  Russians in vengeance respond by burning the remaining Caucus armies inside the cities of Grozny  and Tblisi alive.  Babylon and Perseipolis both fall but are in rubble.  In a final act of defiance, the Pure Lands release radiological weapons into the middle eastern and caucus oil supplies, rendering the reserves unusable.   Xerxes is finally killed found hiding in a hole outside of Babylon, and shot in the head by Tianxia forces.  The war is over, but over hundreds of millions are dead.  The Athenian East is devastated, Russia is on the verge of collapse, and in Tianxia’s west national movements begin to break out because of disproportionate suffering ‘for the East’s War’.  The Kingdom of Cochin is forced to turn inwards, with its populations particularly of Hindus dramatically reduced.


In the wake of this a strong movement emerges for global disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, astounded by the devastation on power can unleash.  However, even as the number of weapons of mass destruction went down, the power of state governments to respond does as well. Old tensions, economic, religious, and nationalist repercussions were about to break out around the world.


Instability has begun…




The Czar of Russia is assassinated visiting the newly added Caucus provinces by a Islamic gunman.  The plot is part of a larger movement, the ‘Golden Crescent’ a Islamic fundamentalist organization with economic populism, leveraging the devastation of the war, and the inaction of global powers in the Pure Lands heresy, carries out attacks and insurgencies from Beirut in the West to Inugshiet and Yunnan in the East.  At the same time, the cost of food was surging with the devastation of the Russian bread basket and the energy, the financial markets were still in panic, and the cost of energy was exploding.  Nations were forced into deadly insurgencies in the heart of Eurasia when they could least afford it.


Across the Sea, the Commonwealth of America, who initially was benefiting from the War relatively, found itself rocked by political turmoil.  Southern Conservatives, under the National Restoration Party, who advocated renewal based on traditional ‘American biblical values’ were gaining ground as the economy grew weaker and foreign capital dried up.  To the South the Principality of Tikal was suffering from its own crisis of hyper inflation, its technological autarkism eventually caught up to it as the inability to capture high value export markets, coupled with rising costs of inputs, draining its capital reserves, forcing the leadership to print money for grand public works projects its economy was based on.  Increasingly, it began to look vulnerable.


Sensing weakness in the Athenian State on New Years Eve, Hispania declared independence, citing the province’s heavy taxation.  The Hispania guard Immediately invaded the South of France. 


2032:  As the Eurasian super powers turned inwards, the contagion of instability spread.   Seeking to relieve their energy crises, and absent the Athenian Navy, the United Mexican States, American Commonwealth, and Tikal all made moves for gas in the Gulf of Mexico. Coast guard and exploration vessels fought each other for influence.  This only fueled more the rise of the National Restoration Party, which won the Presidency, as well as pluralities in the House and Senate.   They immediately began a policy of mass mobilization and confrontation against their neighbors.


In Tianxia, the western uprising turned violent when Golden Crescent Jihadists stormed Tianxia’s Bagram Air Base fortress.  The undermanned garrison was caught by surprise.  But this was enough to through the entire West into civil war.  The Emperor was forced to suspend the constitution and institgate extraordinary measures to protect the national integrity.  The bloodiest of these uprising was on the Arab Peninsula.  Finally unable to sustain a presence there and concerned about tensions in the now more important South America.  Tianxia ordered a withdrawal from the Arab Peninsula, instead continuing the fight from off shore. 


Golden Crescent proclaimed a Islamic Emirate, attacking Bahrain and expanding its jihads in the Levant against Athens and the war in the Caucuses. 


Absent the capability of the super powers to respond, the Legion leads the formation of an African league to tackle the growing Golden Crescent movement.  


Russia meanwhile fractures back into Vaule and Slavorussia, with both in crippling rebellion fights, their economies at near collapse. 


Sensing weakness and its time to restore its great power the Sith Emperor orders an invasion of the Ukraine.  This time he makes an alliance with the Prussian Kaiser, the Danish King, and the Irish for a Pan-European League.  The League would seek to reassert them as great powers.  The corpse of the Russian Empire would be their first victim. 


Faced with its old rival Prussia cutting it off completely, Poland promptly declared itself defender of the Slavs, and declared war on Prussia, Obtaning support from the Eastern Athenians, clinging to their life, and by proxy the Austrians for whom surrounded and land locked, would have much to fear from a collapse of either Slavic or Athenian power.   


Meanwhile in Nord Uniestaat a red eye girl smiles smugly…


2033:  Despite Slavic valor, the Sith Empire stood poised to control much of Eastern Europe.  With a series of rapid strikes, the Sith severed the logistical connections between Rome and Greece and formed an alliance with Golden Dawn and Hispania.  Athens was forced to cling for dear life on a number of fronts.  Even the Crown Jewel of the Athenian Empire, Cuba, defected to its Hispanic brothers in Spain.  Some even muttered of surrendering,   It was in this time that Frank Underwood a hero politician of the European War stormed to the Prime Ministership declaring he would not preside over the fall of the Athenian Federation, sacking most ministers, Underwood immediately organized a counter attack holding onto Cyprus, Greece, most Tuscany, the coast of Turkey, and Nile Delta.  Further he began organizing socialist workers brigades to continue the fight in France against the European League and Hispania. 


In Poland, the Poles were invariably pushed east.  Their problem ultimately came when Russian garrisons surrendered to their North, forcing the poles to adopt more and more of this line.  Eventually it was too much.  Warsaw fell, and 300, 000 Poles marched into Russia to continue the fight there.  The Baltic States (too Prussia), Finland (too Denmark) Belarus and Ukraine (too the Sith Empire had fallen, along with St. Petersburg.  Only around Moscow could the combined Slavic arms hold.


The last Tianxia combat troops leave Kuwait and Bandis Abbas, leaving Kazakhstan and he Ocean the Maritime defense perimeter.  In its absence a serious of client states are propped up, using special forces and drone strikes to fight Golden Crescent, the Imperial Treasury nearly broke. 


In the North, Vauleyo begins to suffer from both Golden Crescent splinter groups in its muslim regions, and radical Bolsheviks egged on by the Democratic Republic of Best Mascuria.  As Russia dissolved a virulent ultra leftism develops in Mascuria advocating socialism, self reliance, and plutonium.  These insurrections lead to increasingly harsh crackdowns by the whites fighting to keep the Imperial Family in power.


Unfortunately violence has also begun to spill over into Tianxia’s borders.  And relations between the two nations begin to become strained, as regional governors in Tianxia claim corruption and safe havens in Vauleyo are the problem.  The Empire increasingly contemplates war with Mascuria to disarm it of its nukes, but due to the failure of the Pure Lands decapitation strike to stop all the missiles, there is intense political opposition.




The European Great War is settled on a stalemate.  Athenian Forces have held the mountain passes into Italy and the land of Croatia dominated by masses of anti-access weapons on both sides.  Austria has largely collapsed, though it and Athens still hold several mountain areas and Switzerland.  Along the Russian front a line of Russian and Polish forces hold an immense line from 80 miles from St. Petersburg, to the Moscow suburbs, to Rhazan, and Rostov.  Conventional war during the winter months had largely taken a pause.  But insurgencies were raging.  Paris, Marseilles, the Caucuses, were all war zones.  Making matters worse, Golden Crescent controlled Turkey and Syria were rocket shelling population centers daily.  Supplies were running low for the Slavic and Greek forces.


Salvation would only come from the incompetence on the part of the Sith Emperor.  The Sith had by far gained the most territory.  But its resources were running low.  The Sith had become generic strategic bombing of population centers saving their smart bombs for the field of battle, in hopes of both saving resources and terrifying cities and garrisons into submission, but this had not worked.  Now the Emperor turned his gaze abroad, to the New World.


The American Commonwealth’s military had grown impressively.  Hosting a larger population than its neighbors combined, and its economy starting to recover from its shale and tar sand energy reserves to the highest bidder, many had said it was poised to return to super powerdom. 


Alongside that the Commonwealth had been hit by a strain of neo manifest destiny mixed in with its Christian evangelical fundamentalism.  To it none of the Eurasian Powers could stop it from retaking hegemony of the entire Western Hemisphere.  It was a matter of time and opportunity.  The Sith Emperor would provide that promising in exchange for joining the war, the entirety of the Athenian Caribbean. 


The American Commonwealth would of course accept the terms, however, the signal would be intercepted by Athenian code breakers, and forwarded to Hispania.  Hispania already uncomfortable with Sith butchery would agree to come to peace, with Spain gaining independence while remaining an independent nation under the Athenian Crown.   However, this was not before the Americans launched a surprise attack to sweep all power from the Caribbean. 


American units hit the Athenians and Tikal Forces, destroying most of their naval forces within a week.  American forces swept through the neutral Mexican State, many of its leadership defecting rather than face the Mexican onslaught. 


It was only the Athenian sending the communiqué between America and the Sith to Hispania Cuba, that kept the total collapse of the Western Hemisphere within a month, launching a surprise attack.  The Hispanics managed to take key ports around South Florida, catching a third of the Amphibious American forces at port, destroying large amounts of Shipping. 


War had now spread to the Americas….


(To be continued)

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