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As of 17/2/14 our treaty with the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism has ceased to exist. 



Kestral - Triumvir

Rifleman - Triumvir
Stefano Palmieri - Triumvir
Rush Sykes - MoFA
JSoprano - MoIA

Cripple - MoE

edit: tags were meant to read  #I know this is late #but updating the wiki alone #isnt good enough for some people. I have no idea why it isnt working.
Edited by Stefano Palmieri
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Further isolationism from NPO sphere. Congrats GOONS.

Do you ever wonder why even the people you congratulate despise your posts?

I know this wasn't the easiest thing ever, best of luck to my allies in TLR and friends in GOONS. Edited by Neo Uruk
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Please don't quote Tywin - it means those of us ignoring him end up reading him by accident.


What Pingu said. Also, good luck to both parties moving forward.

Edited by conistonslim
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