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Proclamation from the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Realms of the Cactuar

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Greetings fellow disciples of the Holy Cactuar, neutrals, and heretics. I come before you all today with a most glorious announcement. The Random Insanity Alliance is proud to announce that we have once again hit three million, five thousand, four hundred, and twenty nation strength and Twelve point five score. We have reached this precious milestone numerous times over our many years in this strange world we all inhabit but this one feels just as precious as all the past times. So we shall once again be merry and relish in its majesty.



Our history over the past several years has been one of hardships but we have persevered. The following graph from RI5 shows our growth since early 2011. We have risen and we have fallen but we shall never give up. We shall continue to rise. Even if we are knocked down again we shall forever seek the sky. We may never reach our former glory but we shall live on. Upward and onward!




Here is our lovely NS donut.





At this moment we would like to recognize the following alliances who have assisted with our growth over the past year:

1. Random Insanity Alliance!
In the past year, our number one foreign aid partner has been other RIAers. RIAers have sent approximately $6,516,000,577 and 89,435 tech between each other.  We are glad that RIAers have sought to continually help each other grow and survive!

2. R&R!
Coming in second place is our amperstandy friends in R&R. In the past year RIA and R&R have traded approximately $2,556,000,000 and 41,300 tech. May we both continue to grow and prosper together!

3. Nuclear Proliferation League!
Coming in third place is our radioactive friends in NPL. In the past year RIA and NPL have traded approximately $1,851,000,100 and 20,600 tech. May we both continue our efforts of nuclear proliferation together!

Honorable Mentions:
- RIA Trade Partner - Our lovely maroon buddies, RIA Trade Partner is an open AA for those who wish to trade or hang out in peace without the hassles or responsibilities of an alliance. We have traded approximately $606,000,000 and 10,350 tech and they have traded $204,000,000 and 4,615 between each other. We hope our maroon buddies continue to prosper under our protection.
- Coalition of Royal Allied Powers - Our maroon brothers, RIA and CRAP have traded approximately $520,000,000 and 9,150 tech in the last year.
- Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (RIP): Before their disbandment, our former maroon friends had sent us approximately $823,800,000 in free rebuilding aid following the Equilibrium War.

Those above and those unmentioned all add towards the RIA trading approximately $14,457,880,746 and 188,465 tech in the past year! May our economy grow even more in the coming year!





Also, we never really announced our government this month so here it is in case anyone was dreadfully missing the ecstasy secreted from the Holy Cactuar during our announcements.




Llama Update






Our Door is Always Open

The Random Insanity Alliance welcomes any and all who wishes to join her ranks. Our only requirement is you accept Cactuar as your lord and savior. Cactuar forgives all past sins and all you must do is devote yourself to him. Stop by http://rialliance.net if your interested.


We also welcome any and all foreign dignitaries to stop by at http://rialliance.net to discuss the importance of waffles and how to best cause global instability.


Thank you and good night.


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