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Lucem ab Tenebras (An Announcement from Aurora Borealis and Umbrella)


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Lucem ab Tenebras











In recognition of their friendship, Umbrella and Aurora Borealis hereby enter the following agreement:


A. Communication/Cooperation


Both signatories will maintain as much communication as possible in order to maintain bonds and avert conflict. No hostile acts may be committed by one signatory against the other. If intelligence pertinent to the security of the other party is possessed by one of the signatories, it must be shared with the other signatory.


B. Mutual Defense


Any direct attack on either signatory will obligate the other party to provide assistance upon request.


C. Optional Aggression


If one signatory becomes an instigator in a conflict, the other party may choose to take part in the conflict. However, the other party is not obligated to provide assistance.


D. Non-Chaining


In the event one signatory becomes involved in a war as result of its own aggression or through other treaties, assistance is optional.


E. Cancellation


If either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty, they must provide the other with an advance notice of 72 hours, during which the terms of the treaty will still hold.


Signed for Aurora Borealis:


Drake Spoke, Triumvir

Jutopia, Triumvir

Sarkin, Triumvir


Signed for Umbrella:


Daikos, President

domisi, Vice President

raken, Head Envoy

DylanCarter and WhiteMajik, Envoys

JoshuaR, Field Marshal

Roquentin, Economist

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Top Posters In This Topic

Since the conclusion of the Equilibrium War, those of us in Aurora Borealis have grown to enjoy Umbrella’s company a great deal.


We don’t sign treaties lightly. In an ally, we look for just a few traits: character, intelligence, and military proficiency. It’s no secret that Umbrella has more than its fair share of competent leaders and capable fighters. Over time, it has become clear that Umbrella is simply full of good, rock-solid people. We trust them, we want to fight alongside them, and we want to see them succeed.


We consider this treaty the formalization of a young but powerful friendship. May our bond never be broken.

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