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Treaty cancellation

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Due to the events that have occurred throughout the rounds the misfits and skaro treaty has been terminated. This has been a rising issue throughout CN TE. HDSupreme and myself have agreed this is best decision for both of our alliances.


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I have to say, this was a move in the right direction for Misfits. It seems both alliances are wanting different things.

I agree. Solid move. o/ Edited by Kurdanak
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So, the Misfits and Skaros treaty has been cancelled. Where does that put Della Luna, I wonder...




         Being a Treaty Partner means a lot, and over  All Things, to respect and understand a Partners' reasons for things like this... That a Friend is a Friend even when AWAY... EVEN if has changed his/her mind on things cared for in the past.  

We MISFITS and SKARO guys has had a wonderful time together here at TE; we REALLY stirred a sounding big Bruha-ha!!! amongst All of the participants and "Oldies" and "experts" of this active and highly emotional side of CN...!  Never to be forgotten!!!


To Della Luna... Everything's Right...!    And you're doing Great!    SKARO is Near, just "around the Corner"


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