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Federal Reserve Wonder: Error when purchasing Banks


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I purchased the Federal Reserve Wonder as soon as I saw the announcement, which should allow me to purchase 7 banks instead of 5. (Yes, I have the stock market as well.)


However, upon improvement swapping, when attempting to purchase 7 banks, you get the standard 'You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You selected an invalid purchase amount for that improvement type.' error message on the "/activity_denied.asp" page.


I found that I have to purchase 5 banks first, then go back to the improvement page, where 'Banks' will still be listed as an available improvement, then purchase an additional 2 banks afterwards. (this you can do in one shot: 5 + 2, alternatively, 5+1+1 also works.)


Selling the improvement works the same way. Trying to destroy 7 banks at once will net you another error: You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You cannot destroy that many of that improvement type. Be sure to enter a positive number to delete this item. However, you can sell 5 (or any number less than 5) and then sell what is left over to reach 0 banks.


At first I thought it might be by design, similar to how the Border Wall improvments work (+1 at a time)... but I figured it might be a bug when it also did not allow me to sell all 7 banks at a time.


Thanks for your attention on this matter.



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