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foreign aid bug

Lord Bear

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Starting on the 10th of this month to present I have been unable to send any form of foreign aid. I've tested this and asked around, and people can send things to me, yet I've yet to find a fix to my problem. I can get to the screen, put everything in, however when I press submit, nothing happens. No error message appears, it merely won’t let me send the aid. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, have you found a solution?

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Another player recently had this same issue earlier this month. Its working fine for everyone else in the game but he was unable to sent foreign aid from any web browsers. Here's what he emailed when he finally found a resolution:

FYI, not sure what was going on, kept trying, wouldn’t work.

Tweaked my computer, removed some recently loaded “crap”,

Seems to be working now.  Thanks for helping me on that.



I suggest you do is as he did and check for any "crap" on your machine that might be blocking the functionality of the page.

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