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The New Pacific Order agrees to surrender to the combined forces of the New Polar Order, The Order of Paradox, Sparta, Mi6, GOONS, Valhalla, Invicta, and The Legion. Nations of the New Pacific Order that have remained in peace mode from the beginning of the war through February 1st, minus current red team senators, will be barred from sending and receiving aid for a period of 1.1 x the duration of the war as set on February 1st, 2014. The duration of this term is equal to 100 days spanning from the 12th of February till the 23rd of May 2014. The list of nations affected will be posted below. The New Pacific Order shall be disallowed from assisting financially or militarily in any remaining conflicts related to the current war.

The New Pacific Order and Christian Coalition of Countries agree to white peace.

For a duration of 9 months the New Pacific Order and the above mentioned alliances will maintain a non aggression pact. This agreement is superseded by an activated mutual defense clause.

Signed on this day, the 11th of February:

New Pacific Order

Farrin Xies,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Lone Star Emperor

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Lord of Darkness,
Imperial Officer of Military Affairs of the New Pacific Order

New Polar Order

Emperor - Dajobo
Imperial Regent - EaTeMuP
Imperial Liaison - Quantum Leap

Minister of Peace - Vindicator
Minister of Truth - WarGod0001
Minister of Plenty - Mompson
Minister of Love - sounion

Deputy Minister of Peace - Lestat
Deputy Minister of Truth - King Ryan IV
Deputy Minister of Love - Irish Republic
Deputy Minister of Plenty - Bleeker

Imperator Emeritus - RandomInterrupt
Imperator Emeritus - AlmightyGrub
Imperator Emeritus - His Excellency Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Fleet Admiral Doctor Electron Sponge, OBE, PHD, COD, ASAP, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, Conqueror of the Antarctic Lands in General and Godwanaland in Particular, Also Hello

Imperial Advisor - Medic32
Imperial Advisor - His Imperial Sexyllency Darth Ludicolo Hernando Sombrero Actorbass, Esq, PhD, and DJ. Imperial Chaplain, Microwave Specialist, professional cat herder, Tamer of the Penguins, King Noobcake the First, Keeper of the Wild, Producer of TIME FOAM, Huntmaster of the AntiHuggle Taskforce, Architect of The Pit, Dean of Scrolling Studies, and Minister of Piracy to the world in general and the Internet in particular. Also, BACON.

The Body Republic of the New Polar Order


Voodoo, M
Beazy, 001
JayR95, 002
Chimaera, Outgoing M / 003
Carter0912 / DC, 004
Stagger Lee, Outgoing M
James Bond, 007

The Goon Order of Negligence and Sadism

Sardonic, Pilot
KenMorningstar, Co-Pilot
Marx, Secretariat
jerkdotwad, Strategos
Aesculus, Pecuniator


Yerushalayim - King
DeathAdder - King
Severus Knight - Ephor of Lykoi
DarkIceDragon - Ephor of Mesoa
DarkLink - Acting Ephor of Philoxenia

The Order of Paradox

Centurius, Grandmaster
iamthey, Grand Chancellor
Salajol, Grand Hospitaller


rotty, President
Ellis, Vice President
Learz, Chief of Staff; Not Orgasmic, Though Excited Regarding IYIyth's Sexiness
Contra, Minister of War
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Protector of Invicta's Upper Tier
Jon32492, Minister of Internal Affairs
King William, Minister of Finance
Thrash, satisfied
GeniusInc, Deputy of Internal Affairs and [REDACTED]
King Biscuit of Ovencia, Custodian of The Lord Protector, Advisor to The CFO, General OpSec Risk, and BAMF
President Gunn, Special Advisor to Invicta, Mouth of the South, Still on his Soap Box, Literally had no authority the last month
Jorost of the Invicta Crownlands, Lord of the Invictae, Protector of the Realm, and Defender of the Faith


Levistus - Regent
His Royal Thickness - Vice Regent
WindBender - Marshal
DVDCCHN - Emissary
ChairmanHal - Chancellor
Lykme & Benjamin Smythe - Security Consuls

The Legion

bjalbert of BA Baracus, Imperator
Regent Pancras of Unification, Proconsul
killer04 of Iwait, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Roddney McCay of Kaligon, Minister of Economics
Konkrage of konkrage1, Minister of Internal Affairs
Captain of Northern Alliance, Minister of Defense

Christian Coalition of Countries

Britishdude, Chancellor
Shergzus, Vice Chancellor, Mom
Llanowar Elf, Minister of Foreign Affairs, lover of Bacon. And spam. Spam with Bacon.
Tyler_Canoe, Minister of Internal Affairs, Also of Awesomeness
Wrath of God, Minister of Defense
The Brothers and Sisters of the CCC's Church Body

List of Nations under the above terms:
Delray Beach
Empire Of SVB
Land O Chile
Cirith Ungol
NeoTokyo II
Shai Halud
Polish Sausage
Jasmines Jewels
Time and Space

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Good to see. Good fighting to each I've fought with Pacifica. Special shoutout to my battle buddy Red. You know you could offer me a glass every once in a while too ;)

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I still find it completely ridiculous for someone just honoring a treaty to be punished so punitively.


Congrats NPO for your patience with the oA Coalition and wisdom through the process.  You are excellent allies!  You will yet again emerge stronger.  And I laugh at the people that continue to keep grudges with you and attempt to keep you down.

Edited by Steve Buscemi
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This was a long and hard fought war for everybody. I'm pleased with the support we enjoyed on this front and the notable ease of cooperation between all of the alliances involved that made this victory possible. Thank you to everyone for sharing in all of the sacrifices and striving together to reach an amicable end to this conflict. Most of all, thank you to the New Pacific Order for sitting at the negotiating table in a manner that was both constructive and cordial, allowing for this war to be brought to a close. We wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

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