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An Illegal Pirate Broadcast of the Pacifican News Network! The Dragon Party!

Maelstrom Vortex

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A friendly voice chimed in, "This is PNN headline news..."

Before the camera stands Maelstrom Vortex, Pacifican Dragon of War, Destroyer of Nations, Builder of Empires. Or.. at least that's what the scrolling message below the screen proclaims!
He began to speak, "I am here to formally announce the Declaration of the Dragon Party! This is not an alliance! It is a party and should be treated as such. Any alliance member may join it. Our central tennets will show in this nifty quote box below! I'll read them aloud for you."


1. We eat babies.
2. A self deluded megalomaniac lunatic must be the Chairman of the Party at all times. The current lunatic in power is Maelstrom Vortex.
3. Chaos is the ultimate form of Order because it is the purest and most prevalent.
4. All members must be willing to bring the Chairing lunatic a glass of water at all times!
5. Dragons rule, humans drool.
6. All official Dragon Party members, must put DP as the first initials of their nation information!

The camera fell over and the angle skewed as the dragon could be heard roaring in the background, "Wait! Wait! I'M NOT FINISHED YET! I MUST GET THE MESSAGE OUT! WE MUST BEGIN THE REVOLUTION! WE MUST EVOLVE! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!"
Letum and Qazzian would be seen. albeit slanted about 45 degrees, dragging the crazed dragon out he door by its chains back to its lair for.. 'reprogramming and pain sticks'.
A friendly voice would chime in, "This now concludes this broadcast." The Pacifican flag popped up.


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Are you thirsty? I can bring you a glass of water if you ask nicely. :)


Though, lunatic to lunatic, you have my personal sympathy, I am afraid that eating babies is not my cup of tea. But the offer for a glass of water is still there as a sign of friendship. :)

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