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I mistakingly updated citizens of moon base giving me less instead of more


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I had an amount of citizens stored in moon base from when I had 4999.99 infrastructure. Now I have around 1000 infra.


My moon base effectiviness was 50% so I wanted to move it to be 100% to have MORE citizens again.


However, instead of moving for $78K, I pressed the other option "store more citizens" for $780K, which not only cost more, but also REDUCED my amount of citizens! I would never never want to do that, and simply misclicked, because it made it seem as if that is the option that would give me more citizens again.


Can this please be undone? This is a very crucial amount of citizens, and in no way did it show that this would reduce the amount :(


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Well, it's not a bug thus you're probably not going to get this undone.


On the bright side, you are in a big war and collecting is anyway probably not a meaningful option right now (you have to do it to not go inactive, but you're not going to get much money anyway).


To minimize the loss just coordinate with your alliance mates when the war ends, to make an infra jump back to the former infra level and a 20 days back-collection at the same moment.

Yeah, I know that this doesn't solve your current problem with (I guess) soldier count, but it is what it is... At least Pacifica should be organized enough to help you make the best out of this situation.

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