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The SKAROs DALEK EMPIRE Strikes Hard... A DoE for the Skaromania...!!!

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:smug: B-)



             YES...!  The New SKAROs DALEK EMPIRE (formerly "The Cult Of SKARO") IS BACK... and ready to face off,ward off, and Put Off business ANY "LLF" that disgracefully would attent to disturb Our Progressive Business of SKAROFORM these "Order" needed Battle Fields of TE...!  Or to disturb ANY of Our "Friend's" "walkabouts" and "Spins" around this ('till now)"Steve's" Land...



To All Of You, TE's Gamers, Feel at Home and secure that The "SDE" Will Bring the Best of The Best entertainment for the same Price those other promised it before and never delivered...!  ;) 



Welcome, to the 29th TE Tournament,The SKAROs DALEK EMPIRE "T" !!! :D :frantic: :wub:




PS: "LLF"  Lower Life Forms.

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Welcome back Skaro o/

B-) Thank you,Commanderragnar...  How's Stel? I hope is active still...  Please send my regards to King William.. (Oh boy, I still feel a prickling feeling on my side,where the wooden dagger got in last Round...) Hope a great Round for ROME...!


Best of luck to you HD and members for round 29.

Nice to see you are keeping high membership numbers again this round my friend.


      As i wrote,D.Dog... it is the SKAROMANIA at TE... ;)  (Let's  RAISE the CEILING to the SKY...!)


Um, what's your version of entertainment? lol ;)




Good to see you back Skaro :)



       NICK-O...!   THANKS MAN...   I expect you to renew our long standing good relations... yes?    TE 28 was awesome and ... and... kinda surprising to SKARO...  I must say!  (some of your camels were eating at my back yard, and left off after crapping it...) Hmmm... :o

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Well, some things just never change. Daleks exterminate, and that's one thing you can count on, even if the sky turns purple.



          mmm... Purple is a nice color,let me say...! :laugh:

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