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ATTN: Artigo


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Preamble: a public attack calls for a public response. I don't believe in dealing with (either RL or in-game) "bullying" behind closed doors, anyway.
OK: attempts at bullying. But still...
As a second preamble - apologies for boring you about me - I'll start with my personal quite intransigent idea about the way I should behave in the Suggestion Box: when I enter it, any IC consideration stays out.
The individual that posts in the Suggestion Box is the RL person - it's me - it's not the character I play. As a result I care that my suggestions and points are aimed at improving the game or at fixing its problems, and I disregard IC considerations. I don't see how I could respect or enjoy my gaming if I did anything else.
Mine isn't actually that exotic of an approach - in fact I know for certain that I am not the only one with it - but others apparently find it uncanny.
With that, to the topic:

<stuff relevant to the thread it was posted into, but not to this one>

Now, you suggest action against DBDC, report the leader of DBDC, and then run and hide because YOU KNOW exactly what you're doing when it comes to provoking us.

Cute soldier count Jerdge. Your actions are as transparent as they are cowardly,


For the casual reader: Artigo's post, above, is just another one of a series that plagued the Suggestion Box in the last weeks. Some people (which I firmly refuse to lump under any IC label because: 1. we're talking of the players, not of the characters; 2. AFAIK they belong to different in-game groups, anyway) keep crying of politically motivated suggestions, of bias, of hidden agendas or conspiracies and other stuff like that.
My opinion about that situation is in the following spoiler (skipping it doesn't compromise comprehension)
[spoiler]I personally consider such an attitude to be extremely silly, for two reasons:

  • We have other forums to discuss IC stuff on, from either IC or OOC angles: the Open World RP forum (this one) for all the OOC commentary, and the IC sub-forums for all the IC political banter and similar.
  • The Community Structure sub-forums are not meant to host that kind of discussion, anyway. There it's just disruptive.

The objection that some suggestions really seem non-disinterested is (possibly) correct, but it's not in my opinion a good reason to start plaguing said suggestions with any more than an extreme modicum of political banter or conspiracy theories, if at all. In the words of the rebel:

I hate it when people bring OWF IC !@#$ into a suggestion topic, can't people just debate the pros and cons of a mechanic.

Remember: a politically motivated good suggestion is still good (and a bad suggestion made in good faith is anyway bad). Commentary over alleged conspiracies should be placed in the OWF, as stated.
Even in the case that someone felt so strongly about what they perceive as an abuse of the forums that they need to do something, engaging in mud-throwing in the Suggestion Box remains wrong (hint: reports of forum abuse have their place as well).
At any rate, I don't claim that everyone should think in this way: I am no authority.
I just stand by my opinion and I will continue to tell it whenever I feel like doing it: deal with it.[/spoiler]
Re: Artigo's post.
If I am not mistaken I have 200 posts in the Suggestion Box, the oldest dating back to 2010: I didn't come out the other day to bother myself - my RL self - with your alliance, Artigo. My suggestions are not aimed at harming anyone, but at improving the game. Then of course any change in mechanics must affect something - which usually means that someone is damaged while others are benefited - otherwise what would be the point to suggest it in the first place?
That specific suggestion (good or bad) is meant to address the issue of tech inflation, which makes some top layer fights quite unbalanced and which gives a permanent disadvantage to new players. You may disagree and you may have arguments against the change in mechanics associated with that suggestion: you're welcome to come to the thread and to explain them at your leisure, and maybe to convince me (that's the reason I created that thread for: to discuss the idea.)
I won't comment on my report of Cuba's post. Anyone can read the rationale about it, as it was made in the open.
I would be curious to know what do you mean with "run and hide". Am I running in any direction, or is it possible to run and hide in this game, anyway? :)
Today I dismissed all of my soldiers for a couple of reasons, one of which has economic implications that you don't need to know.
The second one is not a mystery: I am a transparent man. I don't consider all the players of this game to be above stooping to in-game reaction because of OOC action, as stupid as it may be. In fact my nation has already been spied upon, which everyone and their nightstand know to often be the sign of an imminent attack. (That I dismissed my soldiers before the attack may just mean that I have been good at interpreting the situation. Or I made a lucky guess.)
Anyway: the second reason. Considering that some people seem to be enraged that I dare to contribute to the game as I see fit, that measure is preparation, and a clear message: crossing my border won't gain you a dollar, a hundredth of unit of tech, a square foot of land. Then call it cowardice, if you will.
Talking of cowards: those that spied upon my nation have better realize that I am very rusted as a fighter and that I have little time to be active on a regular schedule, honestly: they may not find much fun and challenge at my door.
On the other hand I am not afraid to use those 14 billions to the last dime, if I feel strongly about any attempt to try limit my ability to post Suggestions, or about any vendetta because I "dared" to post them.
Whatever you do is fine to me, anyway. Hopefully it will be for you too.
EDIT: I swear that grammar mistakes find their way in after I hit "post".

Some more food for thought:
[spoiler]Sadly I am busy with a lot of stuff (IRL too) thus I don't have the time to reply to each one of you right now. Hopefully I will, in some time.

For the time being I'll just start with quoting something I recently posted in our private forums about this issue:

This is not a normal FA situation. It's not that they misinterpreted this player or that this player messed up. It's them thinking that they can silence other players by means of threatening of harming the gameplay of the friends they made in the game. In other words, they're blackmailing all of you to have you pressure this player to shut up, or to comment on the game in line with their gaming interests.

I am not one that picks fight or that messes with people for amusement. But this player doesn't back down to threats and he will stand his ground on his RL and OOC opinions, and his right to tell them.
This player will also have the back of any friend that found themselves in a similar situation: that's an integral part of friendship, to him.

All of this said, the situation is very simple. Short of getting help from the Mods and/or Admin, there is nothing they can do to silence this player. NOTHING.
This player has no reason to go after them: they're disappointing, annoying and boring, and the least he has to do with them, the better. It would be wise of them to leave this player and his Suggestions alone.
If they insist this way, instead, and depending on the GPA response, they'll either find that having put their so-precious-to-them pixels on the line was ineffective to silence this player, or they'll find that isolating this player actually gave him a lot of free time and a reason to look further in what they may be doing in the game.
The gods know that I am persistent: insisting will just earn DBDC a guaranteed permanent loud thorn in their PR side. If they want to be publicly called out on their abuses until the end of CN, this is the way to go.

This can just be the occasion for a lot of people to use even this bad excuse of a reason to attack the Agency. We know that many will just think that way.
So what? This is a game with war mechanics, those that never find any reason good enough to stand their ground should have just went play !@#$%*.

The idea that I would be "hiding behind neutrality" is hilariously stupid, and everyone of you that thinks that I am antagonizing DBDC is either misinformed or unable to see beyond their bias. Instead of buying wannabe bullies' propaganda without thinking with your own mind (and instead of trusting me, for that matter), just go search all of my posts in the Suggestion Box, and the lack of intellectual and human respect from some people, and then come back here to say with a straight face that I am not being impartial there. If you dare. I brought this here because players attempting to win their way with non-game means, which is what DBDC is eventually doing with their OOC attacks* against me, don't deserve any privacy or consideration.

I am a player that comments one the game mechanics which have some clear issues with balance at the high NS spheres and with chances for the new players. Do you disagree? Let's civilly debate it, I am one that listens to criticism. I don't care if DBDC, the GPA or anyone else have a lot of nations in the high NS spheres or not.


* Out Of Character: when the players talk of the game from a player's point of view. OOC attack: attacking a player (as opposed to attacking the character). Attempting to curb my freedom to make OOC commentary or Suggestions is an attack on me as a player, i.e. it's an OOC attack.
My message for the players that are moving DBDC and their in-game political links to try blackmail my in-game friends is the following:

If you want to silence me, Admin and/or the Mods are the only way to go (I don't think you will achieve anything, but at least it would be rational). I doubt that the other players of the GPA will like to hang this player out to dry - they are good people and you're most probably just wasting your time and burning some bridges - but even if they could have done it, you would have achieved nothing.
This thread isn't about in-game issues. It isn't about politics. It isn't about mechanics. It's about a player that you OOC annoyed too much and for what starts being too much of a long time.

Just pretend that I am a moron and go talk crap about me on some private forums, ignoring me here: that's the only 100% tested way to deal with me in situations like this. You don't need to trust me: just ask your good friend Bob Ilyani, as he has some prior experience of it.[/spoiler]

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Well this is a dumb thing to do.

Jerdge could you please not continue lowering my opinion of you every time you post something regarding yourself? Thanks. It's getting sad that you have to harp on and on about how wrong everyone else is.

And no, the suggestions don't help the game but rather hurt a select group. But that's not for here.

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Jerdge, nobody on my AA is calling out the nation rulers in the suggestion box.  They are calling out the people behind stupid suggestions that either benefit their nation/alliance or penalize others without affecting themselves.  Anyone with a lick of sense can see what's been going on lately and you have contributed to it.

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It seems kind of natural that would happen, since the mechanics in question have huge political consequences.

Only if you're bad enough at politics and a sore enough loser to blame the mechanics. Edited by Neo Uruk
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I'm just disgusted that anyone would attempt an assault on a member of the GPA.

If this isn't sarcasm - everyone should be held accountable for their words and actions. Even people who happen to be in a neutral alliance but don't have neutral words.

I'm not saying it should happen in the suggestion box (despite the opinions for some of the suggestions being really, really bad) but it should happen.
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If a suggestion is bad, just point out how bad it is. No need for things to get personal over suggestions made in the suggestion box. I'm still not sure how people came to the conclusion that suggestion was targeting DBDC, many alliances have high tech nations.


Have some faith in Admin not to break the game every time a bad suggestion is made...

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If a suggestion is bad, just point out how bad it is. No need for things to get personal over suggestions made in the suggestion box. I'm still not sure how people came to the conclusion that suggestion was targeting DBDC, many alliances have high tech nations.


Have some faith in Admin not to break the game every time a bad suggestion is made...

There weren't just suggestions aimed at hitting tech, there were also (Even more) suggestions going at the value of land. All of which popped up after DBDC raided Valhalla, and was brought up by an IRON member. And then Jerdge began to also post similar topics.


Just sayin'.

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Jeez guys, DBDC are just trying to ensure that the disparity between their nations and ours remains impossible to overcome.
Lay off. :|

It's incredibly possible with some sacrifice. It wouldn't even take a large amount of nations.
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