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It's finally time for the Green Protection Agency to roll out...


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...the red carpet for invitations!


Today, it has been seven years and 350 days since the formation of the GPA. An unusual milestone, to be sure, but we are marking it because we want to ask you, the general Cyber Nations community, to nominate those of us that you know from our history that you believe deserve a seat in the GPA Hall of Fame.

Our reason for asking Planet Bob in general is that at the current time the names on that list are, for the most part, either deleted nations or current members of the GPA, and yet we believe that there are more ex-GPA members inhabiting Planet Bob than current GPA members.

As such, please post below to nominate any GPA nation, whether they are still a member or have left the GPA, whether they still have a nation or whether they have deleted, that you believe deserve recognition in our Hall of Fame. Please limit your nominations to a maximum of five. Nominations close in 7 days. Nominations will be added to a list in this post, most of which will be coming from our forums where our members can post their nominations without having to make a CN Forums account.
The Cabinet of the GPA has voted and decided that, like our prior nominations for the HoF, Cabinet is not allowed to go onto voting to avoid bias, as we have to make decisions regarding this process.
Our Cabinet:
  • President: Kurdanak
  • Vice President: Belisarius
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Jearilum
  • Minister of Defense: Arrnea
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dragonshy
  • Minister of Economics: euclid
  • Minister of Membership Compliance: Hamiltenor
Nominations as of post #:
  • GreenMachine (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • TBRaiders (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Azaghul (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Caladin (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • avinoam (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • the cat (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • benfinan (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • tailsk (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • duke phillips (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • BaronOfBeef (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • JDMcBoggs (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Duke of Carteria (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Duxin (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • dy Cazaril (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • El Bruc (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Rooman (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Susanoo (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Jericthegreat (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Mostboring (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Aprilland (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • Boudicca (already nominated in GPA forums)
  • blitzkerig0
  • Biff Webster
  • Don Chele
  • Phil Gaea
  • D34th
  • Nuwen
  • Kristin Marie




    Sun WuKong
  • Kurushiro
    Bobby Fisher
    Valid da Impaler
    Antonio Salovega Vi of Qinqe
  • Sigrun
  • Duex Ex Machina
  • Shay
    Sun WuKong
    Conan the Barbeque
    Elina Fox
    Free Quebec
Kind Regards,
The Green Protection Agency
Edited by Jearilum
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Personally, I'm a huge fan of Jerdge.  :)


El Bruc was a colossally annoying idiotard, figuratively speaking.

I enjoyed his posts... and then he got banned for something ridiculous like a sig violation in the end.


Mary was certainly a contentious GPA figure.

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I enjoyed his posts... and then he got banned for something ridiculous like a sig violation in the end.


Mary was certainly a contentious GPA figure.

To his credit, his posts were enjoyable reads - but he had a unique knack for shoving himself into every conversation, and weighing in on everything with an arrogance bordering on psychosis. 


I think the modern clinical diagnosis in CN-speak is Attention Whore run amok.  ;) 

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I nominate the high tier of the NPO as a whole for being the best example of peaceful nations. :facepalm:

LOL, that was a joke!

I nominate Jerdge.

With Jerdge it is possible to have conversations like:
-I hate the GPA!!!!!
-Thank you for the constructive criticism.
-And I think you are a fool!!!!
-I don't agree, but I respect your opinion.

-And all of your posts are horrible.
-I will do my best to improve.


You know, it's like trying to make a Buddha get mad at you... you simply can't do it, it doesn't matter how hard you try, it won't happen.

I nominate Jerdge because he's as neutral as it gets. A true neutral among the neutrals.

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Biff Webster, who navigated the NSO poaching doodoo with poise.
Don Chele, who is just Chele to friends, and is everyone's friend.
Phil Gaea, who was last seen October 6th, 2006, and probably got hit by a bus on September 16, 2006.

Edited by Schattenmann
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