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Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

Joseph Black

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Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics


To whom it may concern,


The Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics is a reformed version of an alliance by the same name, we are just over a year reformed and reside on the white trade sphere. We have a democratically elected Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, with an appointed Directorate. We are generally older mature players who've been playing for years. We have a strong presence on our forum and IRC. We are accepting applications from both new players looking to make their marks or older players who want to take it easy or perhaps are looking for something new. 


For the newer players, as I've said most our members are mature players who who's wealth of knowledge that will be at your disposal. One benefit of our higher than average nation strength is that financial assistance is readily available to smaller nations looking for quick growth. With advancement opportunities you won't find in may other communities as old as ours.


For the older players, our foreign affairs connections include our politically connected friends Valhalla and IRON. NEW and Wolfpack are both old friends of ours who are not as politically connected. We've not been drawn into the current global war, but have been well prepared should our assistance be requested. We have connection with bottom heavy alliances to provide a solid source of technology to larger nations. We allow tech raiding, but require prior approval. 


To both new and old I encourage you to come visit the FEAR forum, located at the end of this post. Diplomats and guests are welcome to be part of our fun, games, and (real world) discussions.


Best regards,

Joseph 'Muddog' Black



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Perspective members,


As a community FEAR is welcome to all who want to be welcomed. Some members prefer to simply take part in the in-game aspects and don’t participate in the forum or IRC activity. For those who choose too they’ll find a community that is; close, protective, fun, with the occasional internal conflict.


From the moment a cadet is accepted the community tires to embrace them. The academy process serves not only to educate our members, but also serves as a time for the cadet to slowly let their guard down and become part of the community. For those cadets who are willing to let their guard down, they’ll quickly find that everyone in the alliance is talking and interacting with them. Aid over flows and the number of fish your hit with on IRC is enough that you might as well go into business.


As members grow in age they’ll discover that we open our hearts to them. We share things that are effecting us in real life far more than we discuss cyber nations. Which helps envelope them in the community completely when they begin sharing their pleasures and pains with us. We as a community will surround a member who is facing a hard time and we celebrate with those of us whose life is full of wonder.


Like any other alliance we’ll protect our members from threats inside the game, but once a member has opened up to us and become part of the true community we’re protective of them completely. I’ve known of members who would say up well past their time zone to help another member study for a test the following morning.


That protection doesn’t just extend to outside the community either. One thing that impresses me the most is that we protect each other inside the community as well. More often than not debates within FEAR look much more balanced than they are and that’s because we never let someone feel like they are alone. Even if those arguing with you don’t share your opinion, they’ll do the best they can to make sure your opinion isn’t ignored.


Fun is an important part of being in FEAR. We wouldn’t be able to keep members if we didn’t have our own way of having fun. Let’s just say when it comes to fun, the label NSFW comes to mind. We like to have fun and especially as we get closer to update our channel becomes much more… interesting.


Everyone is playful, and it really helps keep us active when most alliances see activity slow to a crawl. Getting an in-game message telling you that you’re slacking off and that you need to come by IRC goes a long way in getting you there. Even if it’s only for a moment because you’re busy that week, it goes a long way in making sure you remember to come back when you’re not so busy.


Our spam section is probably one the most active, I’ve seen. Usually it’s a handful of members. With FEAR I can’t think of an active member who doesn’t participate in our spam.


Conflicts are going to happen and FEAR is no exception to that. I guess what strikes me the most about FEAR conflicts is that they disappear just as quickly as they start. And even though they are the most intense conflicts I’ve seen in cyber nations, for the most part everyone seems to walk away unaffected.


Some of the strongest conflicts I’ve seen have been between members. Honestly it reminds me of watching siblings fight. Because they know each other so intimately it’s easier to push each other’s buttons. And FEAR isn’t without our share of these fights.


For the most part the members are too lazy to carry a grudge, but we do have a few people who we wouldn’t mind getting revenge with. And without getting into those, it’s safe to say that if we’re willing to put Canik back into power you know we don’t hold grudges.


I hope to see you around,

Joseph M. Black

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My fellow denizen, 


Let them with ears hear, the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics is accepting a new generation of Fearlings. To this honor we've come among you to invite you both with this writ and with personal invitation to consider membership. The rite of passage in joining an alliance is not to be taken lightly. For few remain, even fewer achieve greatness, let my testimony be a lesson to you that fame is long sought and seldom found. In brotherhood we drink of victories that have passed and seek our immortality together.   


In Brotherhood, 


The Muddy Dog.

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