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Cochin Space Research Organization V2.0

king of cochin

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Before the fall of the Kingdom twenty some years ago Cochin Space Research Organization was the pride of the nation, a world leader in space exploration. However with the fall of the Kingdom CSRO itself went into considerable delay. The space stations all were absorbed by other nations and soon fell into disuse. These vital infrastructure was recognized to be vital for the future of the Kingdom so CSRO had seen an accelerated modernizing program two years after the Kingdom was refounded.


The Space Launch Centers all across the Kingdom have been revamped as also the manufacturing, R&D and training facilities have been brought on stream. Numerous Pushpak Space Shuttles, GAL Skylarks as well as Skylon Orbital Transfer Vehicles are being refurbished by a joint effort of GAL and CSRO.


Finally CSRO has managed to reach back to its former glory before the Kingdom fell. It would however be some more time before it can really catch up to its times or regain its leadership in the frontiers of space.


The ceremony at SLC Sriharikota was presided by the King himself but the chief guest is a frail octogenarian on a wheel chair. Dr. Vignesh Sarabhai the founder and architect of the Cochin Space Research Organization had seen the CSRO during its ascent and decline. However today his eyes are twinkling again as a dream that was thought to be long lost had come alive again. 


In the Launch Pad 01 at SLC Sriharikota Pushpak Space Shuttle PS2 was ready for launch borne by the Yama 3 Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle. As the countdown on the massive display reached zero, Dr Sarabhai pressed the launch button and Cochin Space Research Organization became operational once more. The Pushpak Space Shuttle PS3 raced across the sky upon a pillar of flame with the first Cochin astronauts in quarter of a decade. As the PS3 reached the LEO Dr. Sarabhai's eyes welled with tears.


There were no speeches that day. There was no need for any speeches. The sight of the space shuttle and face of Dr Sarabhai was beamed live all over the Kingdom via television and internet. It was a profound moment for a nation that was lost in the annals of history but had now dared to come back with a roar.


As the PS3 started its mission of repairing a vital RADSAT satellite Dr, Vignesh Sarabhai shook hands with his successor Dr. Govindan Menon, the new Director of Cochin Space Research Organization.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have achieved much in the past few years and much more we have to achieve. It was a long path of progress for the first Kingdom to achieve its space infrastructure but we can beat them now. We have the infrastructure, we have the know how so my friends let us kick start CSRO's future," Dr. Govindan Menon spoke to the conference room in Trivandrum. 


These were the CSRO's space facilities before the fall of the Kingdom:


Trisanku Space Station and Annex (MEO) - CSS Trisanku
Dhruva Biosphere Facility (MEO) - CSS Dhruva
Ashwini Research Center (GEO) - CSS Ashwini
Bhrigu Space Dock (LEO) - CSS Bhrigu
Orbital Refueling Station A (LEO) - CSS Ors A
Orbital Refueling Station B (LEO) - CSS Ors B
Orbital Refueling Station C (LEO) - CSS Ors C
Orbital Refueling Station D (LEO) - CSS Ors D


After the fall of the Kingdom these were occupied by Ceylon and later lost to the tides of history. Over the past few years we have embarked on an accelerated manufacturing process to rebuild these infrastructure in record time. The first component in this endeavor is of course to rebuild our launching facilities. Apart from SLC Thumba here in Trivandrum there is also the SLC Sriharikota, SLC Ahmedabad and SLC Ranchi. We no longer have SLC Dagring, our principal SLC in the olden days or SLC Urumqi. In their place two new SLCs are now in the process of building, SLC Bhuj and SLC Leh. The government has also assured us that it would be trying to get back the Maldives which would ensure we get the SLC Foamullah and the associated Equatorial Launch Loop. However we cant wait for the Foreign Office boffins to start our work. So let us race on. We currently have rebuilt a fleet of launch vehicles which would be sufficient until the ELL is rebuilt. This is our fleet right now:


Skylon Orbital Transfer Vehicle: 30

Skylon Intelligence Platform: 5
Pushpak Space Shuttle Mark 1 : 5
Advanced Pushpak Space Shuttle : 20
GAL Skylark : 20


Let us convey our heartfelt thanks to our aerospace industry who rose so magnificently to the challenge of rebuilding our space faring fleet. We have already launched several missions so far but over the coming years we shall be doing an aggressive rebuilding program. Our goal is that over the next 5 years we rebuild our complete space infrastructure to match what we had in the previous Kingdom. To do that however we would have to plan things better. Our first target is to launch the four Orbital Refueling Stations, CSS ORS-A, ORS-B, ORS-C and ORS-D. After that we shall build the  Bhrigu Space Dock. Then the new Trisanku Space Station, the Dhruva Biosphere Facility and finally our dream goal, the Ashwini Research Center. While this is done we shall also rebuild the Cochin Lunar Station Chandra. And then we shall truly spread our reach to even more ambitious programs.


My friends, so let us work together and make our dreams into reality.

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Nearly 50 Tesla SPF 25 MW Solar Power Satellites have been launched over the past three weeks by CSRO using its fleet of Skylon Orbital Transfer Vehicles, The Tesla SPS Satellites which had once been a vital part of the Kingdom's power grid would now serve as vital resources to power the space infrastructure that CSRO would be building. Meanwhile the fleet of Pushpak and Advanced Pushpak Space shuttles are also deployed to rebuild the first of four Orbital Refuelling Stations. The CSS Ors A is being constructed at LEO orbit of 200 kms. This being the first major scale EVA project CSRO is doing in several decades extreme care is being done in the project. With the successful completion and validation of the CSS Ors A construction the subsequent ORS projects are expected to go through much more smoothly and fast. 


While the components for the launch of the remaining three Orbital Refueling Station are in the final stages of completion the fabrication of Space Dock Bhrigu is also starting at the various CSRO Fabrication facilities. The 55000 Tonne Space Dock would be a massive logistical challenge for CSRO to launch and with the loss of Equatorial Launch Loop CSRO is exploring alternate facilities for the massive launch operation. Meanwhile however CSRO has a regimented plan to launch a fleet of 10 GAL Space Tugs to facilitate the heavier logistics requirements in space.

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