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Talking Points Memo: Farrin's PR offensive

The Zigur

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The Lannister Factor is on! Tonight:




"A peace that cripples us before the next war whilst allowing everyone else to recover is a peace that is worse than the status quo of continuing the war"



Emperor Farrin remains defiant in the face of defeat! Why prolong the war and refuse to negotiate? Tonight we will tell you in a no-spin talking points memo.






Aloha, I am Tywin Lannister, and thank you for joining us tonight. Emperor Farrin of the New Pacific Order launched a PR offensive today with an aggressive OWF post accusing the Coalition of obstructing peace. Now as you know this wasn't the first time Farrin has been combative during ongoing negotiations.

The New Pacific Order values her allies. We entered this war in order to defend one such ally - the New Sith Order - from the aggression of the Polar Coalition, and our nations have fought admirably for that goal, receiving a total of 9.8 million NS in damage and dealing back 10.5m, constituting (with a large margin) both the highest damage received and highest damage dealt in this war. This is an achievement which would not have been possible without the help of all our allies, who have also shed a lot of their strength in the process of trying to counter the vast numerical superiority of our foes.

Interestingly enough, Farrin begins his address by saying his alliance values it's foederati allies. This seems to be an acknowledgement that NPO's obstructiveness continues to be very harmful to Pacifica's friends. Let me ask you something Mr. Emperor: If you entered the war to defend NSO's interests, why don't you cooperate and negotiate in full faith rather than extending the war. 
Of course, from here the address illuminates little in the way of Farrin's true intentions, and instead devolves into a sea of bloviating:

However, recent developments have made it clear that at least one of the goals of the Aggressor's coalition is not just the settlement of any grievances with the New Sith Order, but also the crippling of the New Pacific Order's post-war position as well. Throughout several weeks of negotiations, the aggressor coalition has consistently demanded terms that would see all our remaining top and mid-tier nations - 33 in total - be removed from all post-war economic activity via aid-restrictions for a period of over 4 months.
These are cash-laden and infra-heavy nations that are capable of aid-bombing our hard-hit lower tiers, and are thus crucial to our economic development. The economic suppression of 33 nations over 4 months would deny us the use of 2376 aid slots - equivalent to 14-21bn of cash aid (depending on the usage of FAC's). Considering that the average schedule in our world sees a war every 6-8 months, the denial of this amount of aid would severely compromise the Order's ability to meaningfully contribute in a future conflict by hitting hardest the nations that have fought a lot in this war (and will not be able to get aid to recover their infrastructure) as well as reducing tech-dealing levels across the alliance.

Now as you know Pacifica has not been reduced to the same extent NSO, NG, or TLR has. Two weeks ago we revealed that in an LNN exclusive:

NSO has suffered a 60% score reduction, 66% NS reduction, and average tech per member sits at 1500 tech
NG has suffered a 60% score reduction, 69% NS reduction, and average tech per member sits at 2500 tech*
TLR has suffered a 50% score reduction, 66% NS reduction, and average tech per member sits at 1866 tech
NPO has only suffered a 40% score reduction, 50% NS reduction, and average tech per member sits at 2100 tech
*NG began the war with a much higher ave NS and tech, and also lost 40 members such as Franz Ferdinand

Despite the facts revealing that NPO has not suffered comparable reduction, they continue to bring up irrelevant NS numbers despite the fact that much of the NS was generated via cheaply purchased <1000 infrastructure purchased for nuclear warfare. A more genuine measurement involves meaningful statistics that indicate combat effectiveness, but of course Pacifican spinsters won't use those.
The peace mode terms are fair and invite an alternative: NPO should commit their nations hiding in peace mode like their core allies have. But of course, the oppositions Grievance Industry are quick to label these terms "reparations:"

Your opinion matters more to you maybe. But lets keep on topic its punitive reparations. -- RedSandman of ODN

Of course this is just silly. Reparations involve wealth redistribution from the defeated to the victors. Of course these are just more talking points attempting to distract the folks from what is really going on. Farrin wasted a golden opportunity to make positive overtures to the coalition and embrace negotiations, and instead decided to utilize colorful propaganda to sway the opinion of the public. Indeed, his defiance has likely made his allies position worse.

We do not hold any grudge against our opponents for wanting to push hard terms on us.

Do you really expect people to believe this, Mr. Emperor, when the language of your announcement is so bombastic? I think it's reasonable to assume based upon this latest address that NPO wants a long war. Which is fine with the majority of the folks. Turning this war into a long term Stability Operation could be considered a good thing from some perspectives. But of course the PR hustlers will continue to paint the war as a "war of aggression."

We do realize that the New Pacific Order's continued fight against the aggressors that want to maim us also means that our allies continue to suffer damage at the hands of those same foes - allies which, for the most part, are able to exit this war without consequence. We have made it clear to all our allies that we consider all obligations and bonds of friendship between us to be satisfied with the current level of fighting and suffering they have gone through, and we will not force or ask them to continue fighting if they are able to get a way out. The New Pacific Order is fully prepared to fight for our post-war economic freedom alone, even if that will mean getting further dogpiled. To date, our allies have been horrified by the harshness of punishment that the aggressors seek to inflict on the Order, and have refused to leave - but we welcome them to seek a settlement at any time.

Talking Points agrees that Farrin should take a public stand on the issue, but the degree of vitriol used is counterproductive and makes the Emperor look like a curmudgeon. It is time for some straight talk, and I hope the Emperor is listening tonight because we need him to take leadership on this issue and begin negotiating in good faith, for peace. Stop pandering to the pundits and act in a responsible manner.
And that's tonight's Talking Points Memo.


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So regurgitating the same stuff in posts/topics and blogs is classed as "news"? I think you need lessons from Schattenmann before your next "news/drama" post/topic/blog.


I have nothing against Polar, but Schatt is wasted there.  He needs his own stage again.

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This is well written, which is usually the case with the OP. However, "bloviating" is a good word for the propaganda on both sides of this war. In fact, I love that word and I plan on using it more often for the OWF :D

Edited by White Chocolate
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