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Sierra Leonean House Elections (Take 2)

Markus Wilding


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With the first term up, the Sierra Leonean people once again take to the voting booths to determine who shall lead their nation. As before, 300 seats are up for grabs and now the position of Speaker of the House is also up. While each party has promised great economic change, no two parties quite agree on what else they bring to the table.


The Capitalist's League is running on a platform of increased cooperation with European and African states to bring more profitable and stable industry to Sierra Leone, mostly based around the lucrative diamond mines in the nation.


The Imperial Party is running on a platform that is based solely on increased cooperation and potential becoming a vassal of the Tianxian Commonwealth, and greater cooperation with Tianxian-allied states as a whole and potentially even nullifying previous treaties to give Tianxian and Commonwealth countries exclusive access to Sierra Leone industry and resources.


The Communist Party of Sierra Leone aims to bring socialism on a large scale to Sierra Leone, potentially even rational communism. Their goals also include nationalization of industries and a greater focus on bringing the Socialist word to all neighboring nations, should they not already be embracing it.


The African Party has clearly stated its goal is to eliminate Tianxian, Athenian and Russian influence from Africa, both diplomatically and militarily. Their domestic policies include expansion of the army to unheard-of heights and security measures to protect the Sierra Leonean people.


The Militarists Party aims to expand the military as well, but to use it mostly to defend Sierra Leone from foreign invaders and only use it in aggression only if necessary. The Militarists Party have not stated their plans to increase economic stability.


The Educated People's Union is running on a platform focused on education, arguing that by giving education to the people, more high-tech and well-paying jobs will be attracted to Sierra Leone. Their economic stance is designed to protect the people from corporations while limiting the hazardous effects businesses can have on the environment.


The Christian Alliance seeks to maintain its majority position as well as establish a theocratic state in Sierra Leone, effectively blocking nearly all of the Educated People's Union's planned social reforms. Their economic stance is focused on a free market with limited to no government intervention, but will strictly ban "immoral" items from sale.

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After a week of voting, the results are in and have been confirmed by the Independent Voting Committee of Sierra Leone to have not been tampered with in any way.


Educated People's Union receives 81 seats.

Capitalist's League receives 40 seats.

Imperial Party receives 40 seats.

African Party receives 30 seats.

Militarists Party receives 37 seats.

Christian Alliance receives 30 seats.

Communist Party receives 37 seats.


With these results, the Educated People's Union has gained de facto majority in the House of Representatives.


With 55% of the vote, Bethany Tinker has been elected as Speaker of the House.

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