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The Roman Empire Government Overhaul


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Recently a massive change has come to the government of The Roman Empire. It has been changed from a empire ruled by a single leader to a triumvirate lead by three. With these three triumvir are many other positions not unlike the more common ministers found in other alliances. A list of these positions is provided here in the charter: http://cn-spqr.forumotion.com/t5-the-charter-of-the-roman-empire

With this change of government has come a rewritten charter which can also be viewed by the aforementioned link ^^^. As of 01/22/14 The Roman Empire is looking for new members with experience to join and help govern our budding alliance. Anyone who qualifies by my standards will be instated in a position of their choosing (my standards are obvious experience (age), strength (not a must but helpful), activity (joining the forums is nice but, again, not required), a few other factors I keep to myself (for now...)). Post a reply here or PM if you are interested in joining and for all you who were hoping to see something that matters here sorry you had to read this. :)

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I was getting all excited because I thought this was a military coup. Still, I do love bureaucracy.

You seem to have a tendency to write your history in your charter and on the wiki, and due to this I have no understanding of your values.

Also, you might want to modify Article 3.3 in your alliance charter, as you can't exactly get your members to call on military aid from Sparta anymore.

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