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Happy Belated Birthday Announcement!

Our one year anniversary passed by on Jan.18th! To celebrate, we ate some glowing green cake.


What, Tayloj? It's six a.m.!



That's right! Hope you like your present! And a-one, and a-two, and a one two three four!


[Tayloj hands out target lists]


CubaQuerida: Doombirds, it's your birthday, Bob bless your update. You gave me the gift of a little tech raid and I'm proud of you today.


Tayloj and Cuba: Doombirds, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, Doombirds! Doombirds, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, Doombirds!


Cuba: I wish you land and goodwill, I wish you war and joy .


Tayloj: I wish you better than what your heart desires.


Cuba: And your first click to deploy.


Tayloj: Take it away, Birds...


[saxophone solo]


Cuba/Tayloj: Doombirds, it's your birthday.


Cuba/Tayloj: Happy birthday, Doombirds!


We somehow actually made it to a full year! Here’s to hoping we can turn it into two!

Special thanks to all of our allies and supporters!


Tito o7



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also just to clarify we are indeed one year old, our seniority numbers are off because we didn't register before the AA updates/changes and got booted off, but we DoE'd a year ago so we're taking that as our birthday (although we were technically created a little prior to that as well)

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