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Rescuing the Royal Family - A Single Post RP


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Sirens began to blare at Reykjavik Air Force base early in the morning as barracks lights switched on and pilots started rushing to man their aircraft. "What the hell's going on?" screamed a pilot above the sirens to his superior. The confused pilot was trying to pull his pants up because he had already awakened to take an early morning sit on the "thrown" and relieve himself of what the mess hall called "mystery fish" that night. "The King is here, we're going to the Isle of Man! I'm not sure what's so damn important there but he has every branch of the military coordinating a mini D-day on the island it looks like!" Jet engines roared as fighters were scrambled out towards the ocean, breaking mach-one and shattering a few windows. "Now hear this!" screeched the loudspeakers around the base, "Airmen to your aircraft, soldiers to your battle stations!" The only way to describe the situation was organized chaos. Nearly everyone in the base had woken up and was running somewhere but everyone knew where to go. Searchlights beamed into the air while AA were aimed to the skies and ASMs aimed out to sea. The facility was on full alert at the arrival of the King who was with Iceland's most elite and exclusive group of soldiers. A campaign of Royal Guardsmen known simply as the "The King's Men". 


Like the parting of the Red Sea, they walked among the chaos but no one dared to get into the path of the King or the best trained soldiers on the entire island. "Your Majesty," said a uniformed airman who looked ready for combat, "The Marines are an hour and twenty minutes out. If we leave in the next fifteen minutes we'll be on schedule." King Mars was in gear along with the soldiers around him. He had served in special forces for five years and his training was still fresh in his mind, "Good. How much time do you believe we have?" The airman didn't want to guess but made an estimation, "Two hours, Your Majesty. We are calling it close but we have two hours at the least, two and a half at the most." Mars acknowledged the time restrains and got onto one of the C-130s along with the King's Men and some of the 1st Airborne division who were coming along to drop onto the island. 


"Tower, Odin 1 calling. Requesting permission to take off?" the tower quickly responded back, "Odin 1 this is tower, you have an all clear for takeoff. The Air Force and Royal Guard will be escorting you. Godspeed." The pilot of the C-130 King Mars was on switched off his normal transmitter after replying, "Over and out tower." Three C-130s were escorted by the 5th Fighter Squadron of the 1st Airwing of the Royal Air Force. The Royal Navy already had the Marine Corps and various landing vehicles including a few tanks already in route to the island. Albeit the waters were rough, but the armed forces of Iceland were some of the best in the world when it came to bearing rough waters considering their geographic location and long history with the rough seas. 


After an hour of flight, the cargo-bay in the C-130s would blink red three times to signal it was time to drop out of the sky. The King's Men would insure Mars was ready to go. All of them, including the Monarch, dove out of the plane fully armed and with their gear. They pulled their shoots at the last minute and landed safely in a field just north of the streets of Douglas. The Marines were landing on the beaches near the quiet city just as members of the 1st Airborne poured out from the sky and quietly into the field with the King's Men and the Monarch himself. The Marines would make their way into the city and begin securing checkpoints while Mars and the Royal Guardsmen quietly made their way into the city's small financial district. "Sir, this is believed to be the address. Intel say their 98% sure. Your call." The King gave the signal to go and the men barged down the door to a two story building. 


Shouts from confused men inside turned into random gunshots which were quickly suppressed by the Royal Guard with their own gunshots. "Four tangos down, first floor is clear. Lead the way Your Majesty," whispered the captain of the King's Men to Mars. They went up their stairs to find an empty set of bedrooms and then one backdoor that had multiple locks on it. "Break down," he growled. Using a small amount of C-4 the locks shattered and the door swung open, revealing four people inside. The King dropped his gun and ran in to grab a hold of a barely conscious woman. "Precious cargo has been secured, repeat precious cargo has been secured. Requesting evac?" said the guardsman in charge of coms. A stackiy reply came back as Mars helped the woman to her feet. The Marines finally made it outside of the building they were in and began securing the perimeter. Civilians had already awoken from the gunshots but the Marines outside had made sure that the street would remain clear until the King and special forces would vacate the area.


Several Marines also came inside to help with the "precious cargo" which consisted of one woman, two teenage girls, and a teenage boy. "Guard her with your life," growled the King to a Marine who helped the disoriented woman walk. Mars went up to one of the girls and picked her up while two of his men took the boy and other girl as well. Once out of the building, they made their way to the Empress Hotel and then to the natural cove where the Navy was waiting with their evac. Mars and the civilians were off the island just as quickly as they had gotten there. They would ride to Castletown where a low-detail civilian jet was waiting to take them all back to Iceland (the Royal Air Force would of course escort them back home). 




Mars was still in his war paint. His face was covered in green and black and his hands smelled of gunpowder. He leaned his head back in the economy seat of the aircraft and sighed relief. Next to him, he felt movement and looked over to the blue-haired young man sitting next to him who slowly opened his eyes to see the King, "Good morning son." 

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