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Could someone please help clear up some of my issues with tech farming?


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So this is my first tech trade. The deal is i get sent $2 million and buy the sender 100 tech.

As i understand i buy the farmer 50 tech and send it to them in ten days when the aid slot opens up again. I then buy 50 more tech and send it ten days later again (20 days after original payment)

I have already bought the first 50 tech with the money sent and it cost $859,970 . Am i right in thinking that once i send this tech to the farmer when i come to buy another 50 tech it will cost me $859,970 again (as my tech level will go back to 0?). This is assuming i don't get any '%- tech costs' bonuses in the next 10 days.

If what i have said above is true is it possible to spend my profits from the transaction which i work out to be $280,060 ($2 million - (2x $859,970)) right now to buy the infra and harbour which i desparately need to join a trade guild - as i think that if i wait until i have bought the last 50 tech in 10 days to spend my profits, i will be replace with someone else.

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Yep you've got it right. Just make sure you buy the 50 tech right after you send out the current batch that way if you undestimated the price a little you can use your collections for the next 10 days to get all the needed tech.


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By the way, there are players that will pay 3 million for 100 Tech.

In fact, one of those members is posting... right... now... :P

You're getting ripped off with that deal, bud. Next time you want to get in a deal, send me a PM and I can get you in a deal that'll give you $3,000,000 for 100 tech - we pay the cash up front. Same goes for any of you who want to do a deal like that - we need more small nations!

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