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United Commonwealth Of Nations


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I'm back! to meet a new 2008 expectation with our membership up and down, we are on the search to find newest members that can be more active in the alliance's forum and of course in game. With a new name (i'm sure someone has done this before), The United Commonwealth of Nations has promise you new incentives to offer for all our newbies and the team-1000 (nations with nation strength of 1000 and lower and technology level below 10).

2008! new year, let's start your days with UNITED COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS! i'm sure you will not be disappointed by our services and incentives.

What kind of incentives we will give you when you become our true member?*

1. everybody sure will get a million (basic!)

2. $ 1,000,000,- extra for team 1000!

3. 10-day lucky draw (by marginalision bank) worth 2 million for 10 lucky winners who is pick randomly by marginali!

4. Pre/Post War aid.

5. War Assistance/Protection

6. many more!

Don't wait to see other alliances, because i'm sure you will be addicted to UCN!

It is time to visit and stay in United Commonwealth of Nations!

* terms and conditions apply.

Click image below to transfer you to our forum and start registering!



(Signature is not applicable for forum advertisement)


Chief Director of Humanitarian Aid and Foreign Relations as well as UCN Tourism Board

Edited by Mr. Marginali
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