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An NAO annoumcement

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Its a day late, bit we had some complications.


Mordor will be absent for the rest of this round due to his situation in RL, and he plans to be back next round. As such, I, Fox Fire will assume the Emperors powers. Sith has been promoted to a temporary Regent position.
We hope to see Mordor return soon.

In other news:
Just before his departure, Mordor ordered the exploration of a newly discovered cave which may contain uranium and undiscovered life forms.

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Given the lack of response both here and in game attacks.... Maybe I should have clarified....
New Atlantic Order declares war on Doombird Doomcave with a fail blitz.



*Cough* *Cough* Sith *Cough*





            Where have I seen this BEFORE... Lol! :laugh: :lol1: :P       Go ahead and DOOM that Cave of fluffys creatures!!!

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