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Qiang: "Governmental services must be Conservative"

Amidst the development of Meihua'a constitution and laws, Provisional Prime Minister Chao Qiang was quoted as saying: "Our initial push towards general legislation and basic Governmental services must be Conservative; we represent the middle-ground of all Factions, and thereby will give all Factions a simple and fair start were they to win the elections." His statement has caused some tension, however, as members of other Factions were quoted as saying: "It is an underhanded method of pushing Conservative agenda, and attempting to garner votes", and "Of course the Conservative leader would judge his own Faction as 'middle-ground' when pushing for legislation that is going to be the matter of heavy change in the future".

It is still unknown as to when a consensus will be reached for the first implementation of Government services.
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Cabinet Talks Grind to a halt

Following an array of major disagreements by Cabinet Factions as to the nature of initial legislation, Prince Ne Zha intervened and dismissed the Cabinet. "The elections will be occurring ahead of time", he stated. "Future elections will not have their dates changed to remedy this, and the Faction elected into power this run will have a slightly longer term than usual."

Elections will be taking part on the 21st of this month, but will only be open to those who have owned a house,worked within Geographical Meihua in the past five years and are over twenty-one years of age. The Cabinet has assured us that later electoral requirements will be different in future elections, and that these are a temporary measure to ensure that the new regime can be put into place.
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Custodians snatch victory

The Custodian Faction has been declared victor by the Voting Bureau; receiving 38% of the votes, they stormed to victory and almost secured a majority hold. Second behind them were the Conservatives at 30%, whose loss has been largely attributed to Faction Leader Qiang's aggressive push for Conservative policies while still the Provisional Prime Minister.

Custodian Faction Leader, and now Prime Minister, Qinshihuang has stated that his first move will be to "immediately begin support and development of Governmental services, and begin to reign in legislation to an acceptable level". His stance on education and healthcare has been met largely with support, though critics have claimed that intense Government service provision would be a "nightmare to fund", and that "no one will have anything left post-tax".
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Tax Systems come through

Qinshihuang has announced that various Tax reforms have come through, and will be effective immediately. Considerably higher than the global average, many have voiced their outcry, with one statement of "It's my money; how can you merit taking that much?!". However, the system has also come as a blessing to low-income families, with its high untaxed threshold, guaranteeing that the tax will not send people into poverty.

"We are in our infancy and have had lax laws up until now. Our eventual goal, however, is to refine and optimise our spending and taxation to the point where we neither make, nor lose, money each year. Such are our plans, and we will need an agile economy to ensure that our ideals are realised.", was all Qinshihuang had to say on the matter.

The Monetary Policy Committee has also set the first base rate to 1.0%.

Income Tax

Income Tax is paid in thresholds; the first 32,000 is untaxed and the money made within each threshold is taxed individually. For example, a worker making Đ160,000 per annum would be taxed 0.6(110,000 - 40,000) + 0.7(160,000 - 110,000) = Đ77,000.

Savings Rate: 0 - Đ40,000 : 0%
Basic Rate: 40,000 - Đ110,000 : 60%
Advanced Rate: Đ110,000+ : 70%

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a flat 17.5% on all goods and services.

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax is a flat 32% on business profits above Đ100,000.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is a flat 22%, but is increased to 30% for those paying Advance Rate Income Tax, or non-individuals.

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)

VED is a tax on private vehicle ownership, based on their CO2 emissions. It operates with the following brackets:
Band A: (0 - 120 g/km) : Đ0
Band B: (121 - 130 g/km) : Đ50
Band C: (131 - 140 g/km) : Đ100
Band D: (141 - 150 g/km) : Đ150
Band E: (151 - 165 g/km) : Đ200
Band F: (166 - 175 g/km) : Đ300
Band G: (176 - 185 g/km) : Đ500
Band H: (186 - 200 g/km) : Đ700
Band I: (201 - 225 g/km) : Đ900
Band J: (226 - 255 g/km) : Đ1,100
Band K: (255+ g/km) : Đ1,500

OOC For ease, Đ1MEA (代納爾/Denari) = $1USD Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Qinshihuang announces free education & healthcare; "a long-term necessity"

Given the funding provided from the "almost abhorrent" tax system, Prime Minister Qinshihuang has announced the free availability of education and healthcare to all Meihua'a citizens. He stated that it would provide "the foundations needed to secure future generations", and "the stability of a long, healthy life". He also hinted towards Government Institutions for the research and cure of modern-day illnesses that have thus far been uncurable - his plans to make such an organisation, however, are still unknown at this point.

Free Education will be provided from Primary School through to Secondary School, and University/Higher-level Education can come with scholarships attached if prospective academics can show themselves to be "deserving of such funding".
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Benefits to be centralised

Following long Cabinet talks, Qinshihuang has been able to announce his new benefits scheme, dubbed "Allowance Benefits". He states that "anyone" can receive benefits of "at least" Đ20,000 if they fulfil certain conditions:
  • Are Unemployed;
  • Are not undergoing education or training;
  • Reside in State-provided property and do not own property either domestically or overseas;
  • Do not own an automobile.
    • One exception is permitted for a single VED Band A vehicle.
Qinshihuang has stated that these measures are in place to keep people from "leeching from the system". He has also stated that further benefits/exceptions can be granted through various "add-on" benefits, such as Job Seeker's Allowance and Disability Benefits.

Critics themselves have dubbed it the "Twenty-thousand Denari Cost of Work", and claimed that such a high base benefits line is going to "ruin the exchequer" and be "the very embodiment of what it was created to prevent". Custodian Faction members have claimed that the benefits conditions are "rock-solid" and designed to ensure that "everyone survives, but those who work get a better time of it". Whatever the case, Economists are looking on with interest to see what effects the new system has. Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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GAF set to expand, but where is the money coming from?

In a move prompted by the conflict in Europe, Prime Minister Qinshihuang has announced, alongside Military Officials, what they refer to as the 芬计划 (Fēn Project), which is an R&D program for the development of a modern air superiority fighter jet. In a statement released earlier today, he said that "even in a region of peace and stability, we must take steps to ensure the safety of our nation and the Meihua'a people."

The prestige associated with the completion of such a program has already been spoilt, however, as latest figures have shown that the Custodian Faction has been creating a large budget deficit, as the nation struggles to adjust and settle down to layer after layer of economic policy. Whilst the economy itself has shown a growth of 4.2% in this quarter, that has not helped to offset debt forecasts, alongside what analysts have already decided to name the "unemployment spike". Many are clamouring for the Government to adopt a more contractionary fiscal policy, though low-income households have shown a marked increase in standards of living. Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Classified Response

We thank Tianxia for their concern, but shock articles newspapers cannot hope to convey the actual situation we are in - contrary to their goals of selling as many papers as possible, our goal is to ensure the long-term success of our nation. The common journalist is not privy to the information and analysis we have at hand, so they cannot make the informed decisions that we can. We strive to ensure the strength of the Tianxian Commonwealth too, and feel that this will only lend to that.

- Qin Shi Huang
- Prime Minister of Meihua

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Has Qinshihuang failed? Unemployment still rising!

Despite Custodian Faction efforts, unemployment has shown a consistent rise month-by-month, and shows no signs of stopping. Standing now at 10.1%, Qinshihuang's policies are suddenly looking much flimsier; with millions wasted into a now-cancelled Fēn Project, voter sympathies have completely deserted the Custodian factions in favour of the Factions most vocal in their disagreements with Custodian projects, yet similarly aligned - the Accelerators are seeing a massive increase as Yi Jiǔchéng attempts to capitalise on the situation - stating that Government revenue will be supplemented from "other, stronger long-term areas", voters have shown belief that his ideas are the ones that will fix the economy.

But what are the greater impacts of this rising unemployment? Considering the high-tax high-benefit scheme currently in use, this means that the Government is currently billions of Denari into the red, and with no signs of recovery. The Monetary Policy Committee themselves have acted, lowering the base rate to 0.5% in hopes of encouraging spending and thereby slowing the flow from employment to unemployment. Qinshihuang has stated that this is a "short-term issue" and we will "benefit greatly in the long-term still". However, this seemingly optimistic transition is coming at the cost of huge Government Debt in the time it takes to "benefit greatly". With job opportunities falling, economists are predicting a contraction in the economy as unemployment continues to rise, with the long-term damage being greater and greater with every day spent in this shambles.
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Custodian support has hit rock bottom as the figures for this quarter's growth were released by the Exchequer showed the country's first recession in twenty years; with the last two quarters having a fall in GDP of 0.3% and 0.9% respectively, unemployment still rising and economists giving less and less optimistic predictions, Prime Minister Qinshihuang has announced that he will be reducing VAT to 15%, and Corporate Tax to 28%. In his own statement, however, Accelerator Leader Yi Jiǔchéng has announced that these changes are "too little too late" and that "the Prime Minister has done enough damage; it is time that he do what is best for us as a nation and stand down".

Whilst it is possible for the current leading party to resign from their places and thereby start an impromputu election, such proceedings are considered to be akin to abandoning a sinking ship to leave for others to fix. However, after Prince Ne Zha's move to ensure political cohesion in the first elections, many do not deny the possibility of him intervening again.
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Growth Stabilises, Deficit Grows

The MPC has reported an increase in economic growth, from the -0.9% of last quarter to 0.05% this quarter. Whilst this means that the country is no longer in a recession, by definition, expectations are still low and the deficit continues to widen. Qinshihuang has announced again that "we just need to ride it out", but his share of votes in the coming elections seem to be dropping by the day.

Other parties have taken this opportunity to revel in the fall of the Custodians, with the Accelerator and Conservative Factions gaining the most ground; Jiǔchéng and Qiang will be the big two, and have done their best to differentiate themselves to encourage the fence sitters.
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Accelerators comfortably become leading Faction

New-Prime Minister Yi Jiǔchéng displayed nothing but joy as the Electoral Commission announced the results of the past week's election - taking 78% of the votes, the Accelerator Faction enjoyed a landslide victory over the previous Custodian Faction, and all other Factions.

"Preparations have already begun to reduce the deficit, based on plans drafted pre-election. Not only will this give us a surplus in the long-term, it will also reduce the cost of living for all in Meihua. Whilst this endeavour will be expensive in the short-term, the surplus we make will put us straight back into the safe area." was one point of Jiǔchéng's speech, and the one that many vested their electoral hopes in.
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Jiǔchéng Nationalises key services

For the initial push to fix the deficit, Jiǔchéng has announced that he will be nationalising many of the amenities that are currently privately-run. He has stated that "the initial profits we earn from these areas will be used to finance the debt", and that "we will be reducing prices from these areas once the debt has been fully serviced". Many critics have claimed the Government should "not interfere with the free market" and that "it won't be long before these 'areas' become a financial burden to the Government". Supporters of his ideas themselves, however, have stated that "a Government-run Monopoly is a dream come true", and that the once-businesses will be "run at a level of efficiency that squabbling competitors could never reach themselves".

The following businesses will be be nationalised:
  • Water:
    • 南水 (Náshu)
    • 北电水组 (BDSZ)
  • Electricity:
    • 北电水组 (BDSZ)
  • Public Transport:
    • 南北西东 (Nánběi)
    • 快集團 (Kuàijí Tuán)
For a total cost of Đ32,000,000,000.
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Competition Law expansion unveiled

Today, the Council has pushed out additions to Anti-Competition law in Meihua - the changes stipulate that a Monopoly (defined as a 35%+ market share where the second greatest market share is >=10% of the largest market share) will be under constant scrutiny by the XBZ (Xiāofèi Bǎohùzǔ) to ensure that it does not damage consumer interests and impinge upon their surplus. Furthermore, it also created legal barriers to keep private companies from entering strategic public markets (which are currently in Water, Electricity and Public Transport) to "ensure maximum efficiency and cost reduction".

Critics to the changes have been few and far between, with only the free-market enthusiasts showing distaste for the consumer protection and the "attempted control and subversion" of private companies. Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Budget Deficit no more!

For the first quarter in what has been a trying number of years, the Exchequer has reported a budget surplus of approximately forty million Denari - a figure that is expected to increase. This has mostly been attributed to what some refer to as "highly aggressive taxation", though the Accelerator Party claim that a greater percentage of Government revenues will be coming from Jiǔchéng's "public corporation scheme".

"We must not become complacent for this one, however significant, gain.", said the Prime Minister. "We plan to further expand our current market areas, alongside establishing our existing one, to ensure that this becomes a long-term source of revenue."

It will be some months still before the debt is totally wiped out, but the turn of fortune shows that that will likely be an inevitability, rather than a lofty goal.
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Clamour for forest protection legislation

After a report was submitted by Pro-Green, an environmental protection group, showing the vast rise in logging and unsustainable deforestation in Southern Meihua, many have risen up to protest, to pressure both the Government into tightening regulations, and logging companies to slow their activities.

"It was one of his pre-election aims.", said one protester when asked if they thought the Government would capitulate. "Now he needs to show us that he'll follow up on his promises". Many other protesters affirmed that they "expected the legislation to come" regardless, but wanted to to hurry the process due to the growing destruction in the South.


Government agencies have begun the in-house creation of a OS for use in Military, Intelligence, and other sensitive areas. Currently named *Emilia (*艾米利亞), it will be a closed-source Linux-based system that will be far more robust due to the work of Government developers. It will update on a delayed schedule to public Linux updates, though those may be refined by the developers, to ensure that it performs its job as well as possible.
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Industries Expand Nationwide

In a twist of fate from the recession of past, the economy has swung straight into a boom - in a "not so shocking turn of events for such a volatile economy", as one analyst put it, demand has been soaring and the debt diminishing. Whilst there are inflationary concerns, those have been largely thrown to the wind as the jubilant economy celebrates. The Government has been rumoured to have begun their initial research into green energy, tech companies have been reaching out for new projects and fishermen have been selling all of their fish immediately on their return from the Spratlys - these, alongside many other tales of progression, have been popularised and met highly in public regard.


Forest Protection Legislation rolls out

To a satisfied crowd of protesters, Jiǔchéng earlier announced the "Preservation of Forest and Sustainable Logging Act". It marked areas where the new regulations would be "held to tightly" (some 80% of existing forest), and others that were "strategically located for future building projects" that could be harvested in a faster, yet still environmentally friendly, manner.

The protection legislation largely put in place tighter sustainability requirements, with greater punishments were corporations to be found in breach of the act. This move has been met positively by activists, and complains from logging corporations themselves have been few. Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Imperial Defense Authorization Act:


The Imperial Defense Authorization Act has been sent to the nation of Meihua persuant to the Commonwealth Defense Procurement Program


Air Force Common Development Program (to be paid for partially by the Imperial Treasury).  Assets will be stationed in both Meihua itself as well as surrounding Imperial Island Air Force bases, with assistance in upkeep by Tianxia maintenance crews.  


180 B-1 R Bombers

720 F-6 Multi Role Stealth Fighters

240 F-35-B Strike Fighters

240 A-10 Close Air Support Aircraft

960 F/A-18 Advanced Super Hornet Strike Fighters

480 E/A-18 G Growlers

20 E-10 Airborne Early Warning Aircraft/ SIGINT/ Missile Defense Aircraft

8 EC-130 Airborne Communications Jammers

18 P-8 Anti Submarine Aircraft

10 KC-46 Pegasus

12 Global Hawks

60 A-47 UCAVs

120 Reaper UCAVs

240 Ospreys

60 UH-60 ASW Variants

60 MH-60 Assault Variants

150 Super Cobras

40 C-130s

18 C-5 Galaxies


Sensors standardized for Tianxia networks and satellites


Sea Equipment: (Giving up armor for the combatants)


1 Endurance Class Transport Dock

2 Formidable Class Frigates

4 Soryu Class Attack Submarines

16 Visby Class Corvette


12 Queenston Class Joint Support Vessels with facilities to launch air borne and sea borne amphibious forces from the protection of joint patrols with Tianxia Naval Surface Combatants.

8 Sea Borne Refuelers

30 Roll on Roll off Heavy Lifters

100 LCAC


Ground Forces Equipment:

Equipment for : 

15, 000 Amphibious Commando Units

5, 000 Amphibious Heavy Infantry Forces with 250 supporting amphibious tanks plus other vessels

2, 000 Special Operations Soldiers

15, 000 Air Borne Soldiers

250, 000 Soldiers outfitted for light infantry and jungle warfare intensive operations

65, 000 Soldiers outfitted for high intensity warfare operations

1500 tanks, 500 of which having amphibious requirements, 200 of which based for air borne assault

5500 artillery pieces, 300 Air Mobile, 500 MLRS

5500 armored vehicles 800 of which based for light mobility assault, 300 of which based for amphibious warfare

Data link equippings standardized for Tianxia battle networks and satellites


Anti-Access Area Denial Weapons:

220 S-550 Tianxia SAM/Missile Defense Batteries (8 Per Battery)

200 Mobile Yamamoto Land Launched Anti-ship Cruise missile Batteries (8 Per Battery)

500 MIRVed SRBMs (1000 Kilometer Range)


Missile Defense:

4 Sea Borne X-Band Radars

200 S-600 Tianxia Missile Defense Batteries

Onsite supported Directed Energy and rail gun defense systems at critical sites

Drone swarm persistent surveillance network


Tianxia's Imperial Authorities and banks will provide the necessary loans and some support to finance the build up, Tianxia's industrial base will be put to work executing it, and its military will provide training as well as partial basing.

Edited by Triyun
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The Military's Rise to Prominence

Thanks to the Tianxian intervention, the Meihua'a Military has expanded massively and finally begun recruiting openly. All branches have been opened, though aptitude tests are still mandatory.

Many have called the sudden growth "aggressive" and "a waste of money", stating that "this just gives off the wrong impression to the world". Others, however, have countered, saying that a military was "a distinct inevitability" and that "we should be thankful for the Tianxian finance".

Commander-in-Chief Prince Ne Zha has been sighted with Crown Princess Lanying, whom has been escorting him to several meetings and seen throughout military complexes. It is suspected that he intends for her to begin integrating into military affairs, to ensure a smooth transition when she inherits the throne.
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The Green Energy Initiative

Following the nationalisation of Meihua'a Energy and the completion of the Murum Dam, Yi Jiucheng has announced the move to further the use of green energy. Believed to be largely a "symbolic gesture" to counter the still-rampant deforestation, the move will primarily involve wind farms both in the South-West, and Offshore, though Solar and Hydroelectric will play complementary roles.

Current Government aims are to see an increase of 6% Green Energy share per year, and aims to reach at least 82% overall in this "very long-term" scheme. Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Milyang (密陽), the main armament industry in Meihua, has begun research on a special warhead, designed for immobilising electrical infrastructure. Nicknamed the Blueline (蓝线), it will be compatible with all current Meihua'a delivery systems, and be able to fit potential future ones too.
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End of an era

An official statement has been made and confirmed by the Government, reporting the death of Prince Ne Zha. He had been earlier admitted to a Royal Medical Facility for stomach troubles, but he passed away later in the night. The cause of death has been said to have been simply due to old age, and had already been "foreseen and prepared for".

Prince Ne Zha was the head of the Meihua'a Independence movement, and had a guiding hand in developing today's political atmosphere. His conviction and drive for the absolute improvement of Meihua'a life was unmatched, and there has been more than sorrow during this period of mourning for him.

In his stead, now-Princess Lanying will take the throne, and has readily demonstrated her willingness and her own drive to take up her father's mantle. The Coronation itself is most likely to be held in a few months from now, to give the planners apt time to create a ceremony befitting of a monarch.
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A bouquet of flowers would be sent to Meihua, together with an official note. "The Faraway Realm of Québec is very saddened to hear about the tragic fate of Prince Ne Zha and we wish to express our condolences to the princess and people of Meihua. May he rest in peace and the righteous Princess prove a prudent and just monarch."

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