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Umbrella Arrogance Once Again


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Hey folks how you all doing tonight?  I had an interesting bit of info cross my desk today that I thought I would share.  Normally I would just laugh it off but I guess I am bored so you all get to read it also.  It is a c/p from Umbrella forums, no I don't have a screen shot, I do not accept those, lol, but seeing how we are already at war with Umbrella I figure it is fair game.




I swear we need to just offer to viceroy all of our !@#$%* allies.

Think about it, in order of decreasing !@#$:

Valhalla: PM throughout the war and what little they did fight started as no-nukes by their now current leader.

MI6: So desperate Myth is leading them now.

GOONS: Sard sucks and thinks NPO deserves white peace

MHA: Maybe we could turn them into a real alliance.

TOOTR: They really shouldn't have left. They still fight with us... only much less efficiently and with worse communication.

VE: At times Goldie is exasperating and it would be nice if we could just force them to ALWAYS be on the same page as us.

TOP: Letting the moralists/strange people/Azaghul convince them that NPO has taken enough damage.

International: We already stole Crownguard.



For those of you who don't believe it and think I made it up, I could care less what you think.  Umbrella knows how accurate this is and I bet the alliances mentioned here are not surprised and know it is true.  Oh did I mention this is from a member of their top Gov?  I will keep the name to myself to avoid personal embarrassment.  


For those of you that don't know I used to be in Umbrella a few years ago and I was allied to them many years in PC and in PB.  This is par for the course if I may say so.  Also for those of your speculating this is a quote from Roq, you are wrong.  As much as he and I disagree I acknowledge his savvy and he would not say anything like this so blatant and in open forum lol.  


So have some fun, this place needs a lively pick me up, hope I entertained for a few minutes.  If not go back to your mom's basement and drink some code red, lol.  

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MHA: Maybe we could turn them into a real alliance.


I think I'll choose to take this as a compliment. (But not a complement. Umbrella doesn't really complete me.)

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Knowing Umbrella this was a thread leaked on purpose but yeah I can see it being real opinions.

Either way this thread won't accomplish much besides a fun read. Glad to see Derwood here and Azaghul still being mentioned as a reasonable person tho!

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