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Random Party of Partying


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Given the lack of parties Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear is hosting a random international event welcoming representatives from all nations of the world. With our world moving closer to chaos a party should calm everyone's nerves. Bring your spouse, bring a cat, bring a date, bring a mistress. . . Bring your spouse, cat, date, and mistress all together!



An event intended to far surpass other comparable international gatherings in luxury and class. 

By night's end nothing can prevent us from blowing every "legendary" gathering out of the water.

Stahl Ball's long standing benchmark of refinement will forever seem a college dorm pizza gathering looking back. 

Don Brando's so-called "Gathering of the Dons" will by comparison will be something like a petty collection of gangsters.

Slavorussia's alleged epitome of luxury, Imperial Benefit and Imperial Palace balls, shall appear to all rabble of mere beggars.



Behold the splendor of the city of ice in Bear Island of Nunavut!



Party in Style in our frozen ballroom!



Free drinks available in our IceBar, so much as your nation's representative can drink without dying.



Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear Transitional Authority

Bear Island City, Bear Island, Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear



In preparation for impending random party all of Bear Island's City of Ice would be brought to life in a spectacular arrangement seen merely once in the Qikiqtaaluk. Titanium framed, silver plated, diamond inlaid sleds led by over meticulously groomed yet excessively well mannered teams of dogs (Sled husky dogs trained enough that killing and eating a few canines of team really wouldn't slightly effect mannerisms or effectiveness) were awaiting the foreign delegates to carry everyone through a sparkling ice city. Waves of enthusiastic Inuktitut lined the snow covered streets waving flags of various countries in anticipation. With an event so fantastically splendid what could possibly go even slightly wrong?


As the delegates began arriving to a near palace of ice they would be greeted by a lines of Tribal Warriors, clad in blue Laminar armor inlaid with gold representing colors of Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear's flag. Their glistening war harpoons created an archway for the foreign dignitaries to walk through as the rough melodies of kelutviaq lutes and unintentionally intimidating throat singing echoed throughout the frozen hallways of the ballroom. Upon entering all those attending were given their commemorative parkas by waiting attendants, even specialists for taking care of cats. With a utterly no formal opening ceremonies there was plenty of time for mingling. . .


In the ballroom itself chefs prepared fresh and occasionally complete walrus and caribou. The entire ballroom was filled with servants and handmaidens running between the kitchen, fixing glasses and silverware and creating the perfect environment for a celebration of this measure. Bear Islands' Nation of Bear's delegation was overseeing last minute preparation throughout venue as other guests would be seated by their discretion with a choice of wines, beers, liqueurs, and deserts.

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