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The Mediterranean Confederation


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Declaration of Independence - The Mediterranean Confederation



The six men gathered around the parchment that was rested on the grand table. Six Signatures. They were all just a signature each away from Independence. 


Independence. For him, It had always been such a strange word, for no man is truly independent. How can he be? When he leaves the authority of one state, he is placed under the jurisdiction of another. He had been passed form nation to nation since his birth. Born 'Welsh'... then 'British' then forced to leave his country and passed from pillar to post. Then he was deemed to be Athenian? He had never stepped foot in Greece, never mind Athens!

A truly independent man would be free of a state surely? But why then why did he stand here among men who were native to these islands feeling that he was just about to achieve Independence. Independence for a group of islands, cities and peoples that has really only the sun and sea in common. But yet, here they were six men from six different parts of the Mediterranean all ready and willing to take the Independence jump together. 


Independence was apparently supported by 78% of the population of Monaco, the place he had called home for more than twenty years by this point. The support for independence among the other islands that would make up this confederation was floating among the 60% mark. 


The six men all scribbled on the parchment that would become the 'Declaration Document' 


It was done. A new nation had been born.


Owain, the Governor of Monaco and acting first President of the Mediterranean Confederation stood to speak. "Cool and Calm, Owain, these words will live years longer than you"  he said to himself under his breath.


"Ladies, Gentlemen and members of the former Royal Family. Welcome. Welcome to the first day of nationhood. Our nation has been born, the Mediterranean confederation is now a part of the world. With my signature and that of my fellow governors, I herby declare independence for our nation. This is the start of a long road for our peoples, islands and politics. But I believe that it is a road that will lead to happiness and peace for our nation... our nation of nations." 


The new flag of the Mediterranean Confederation unravelled behind him. 




The Mediterranean Confederation comprises of six regions who have collectively succeeded from the Athenian Federation:



The Balearic Islands 




The Sharqui Island


The Government of the country currently comprises of the six former governors of these regions. 

The current acting president of the Confederation is the Governor of Monaco, Owain Irranca-Davies

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From: Owain Irranca-Davies

To: Athenian Federation


As was discussed in the separation discussions, the Government of The Mediterranean Confederation is extremely interested in continuing with a special relationship with the Athenian Government and people. However, we feel it would be pre-emptive of our democracy to reach out to the world until a constitution and first elected Government is in place. Should I be returned to this post in a more permanent position, I would be extremely happy to meet with you.


Many Thanks

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