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Second American Revolution


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The Second American Revolution came slowly. It had began in late 2016 with the new President Hilary Clinton coming to power. Her election had come after the controversial Presidency of Barack Obama and the Afghan withdrawal. His legacy had been tainted by the economic state he had left the USA in, plus higher unemployment. In her State of the Union Address, she would pledge to adopt similar policies to what her husband had done, plus improve America's standing in the world which had been harmed by repeated interventionist actions abroad. However the dam was beginning to break, as the union was now under threat.
In Early January 2017, the first crisis would occur with another downgraded growth forecast, harming potential job creation. Economic stagnation would cause unrest that month, which would herald the first storm clouds. The next two months would pass with political unrest all over the country, then suddenly the successions occurred:
March 1st
The States of Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida would formally declare their independence as the Orange Republic with the Capital at Orlando, Florida.
North Dakota and South Dakota declare independence as the Dakota Free State. The Capital would be at Bismarck, North Dakota.
Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana declare their Independence as the Midwest Republic.
March 2nd
Texas declares its independence as the Republic of Texas.  .
March 3rd
California, Nevada and Hawaii declares their independence as the California Republic. The Capital would be at Los Angeles, California.
Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming declares their independence as the Northwest Republic. The Capital would be at Seattle, Washington.
The remaining states of the US would be what was left of the United States. The sudden division of the United States of America would cause a shift in the world, with overseas presences and bases suddenly being withdrawn as units from states now part of different nations were recalled home. The new states would for the moment maintain friendly relations as nothing was feared, though the United States President Hilary Clinton was now faced with a crisis. 
However, all the new nations would begin to sort out their militaries as each one had their own agendas, vying for dominance in what was now a fractured continent. The next few months would show what was in store, with each side hiding behind their new frontiers.
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The situation in the political arena between the no significantly smaller US and the newly formed states had crystallised as March ended. There was still relatively normal trade between them bar the new regulations due to the new National Borders. However the seeds of distrust were starting to come, as each nation viewed each other with suspicion.


Then finally on April 2nd, the first moves in what would be quickly called the Second American Civil War were made by the Orange Republic, launching two simultaneous invasions. The first was made at around four am with landings in North West Puerto Rico between the cities of Aguadilla and Isabella, immediately securing the Rafael Hernández Airport which allowed them to fly air assets in immediately. In a matter of four hours they had a bridgehead four miles deep, though were encountering resistance.


The second invasion was of the Midwest Republic, with a direct assault on New Orleans itself. Four Divisions would make a determined push, immediately capturing three of the four bridges across Lake Pontchartrain, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway being defended at its northern entrance at Mandeville by determined resistance. However forward units of the Orange Republic Army would by the early afternoon be advancing through the eastern suburbs of the city. 


The day would end with both invasions gaining significant bridgeheads, though the defenders were fighting to hold their positions. 

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After two days of fighting, Midwest forces withdraw from New Orleans to prevent the city being subject to a protracted urban battle. The main force was falling back north, effectively abandoning the state to the Orange Republic. Progressive rearguard positions were in place which would over the next week at Baton Rogue, Lafayette, Alexandria and Shreveport, giving the Orange Republic forces a bloody nose in each encounter. By the end of April, the new Midwest forces defensive line along the southern state border of Arkansas had been reached, stopping the advance.


A treaty which was signed on May 1st known as the Treaty of New Orleans, would effectively cede Louisiana to the Orange Republic and also seal off the Midwest Republic from any coastal access.


In Puerto Rico, the Orange Republic invasion would mean that the United States would also lose territory. By 10th April, their forces had pushed all the way to San Juan, which fell on the 12th. The remaining defenders fell back towards the eastern coast, forming a bridgehead projecting across the entire island, fifteen miles from the coast. Centered on the city of Fajardo, they would now evacuate all their remaining units to the US Virgin Islands to continue resisting there. 


Meanwhile at the Hoover Dam on the border between the Midwest Republic which had just lost which had been dubbed the Louisiana War and the California Republic, tensions were brewing over discussions relating to shared income of the Hoover Dam's output of electricity. Each side harboured dreams to own the Hoover Dam outright, though each side would not dare to make a move. Also the California Republic wanted to gain territory in that area to lessen the risk to Las Vegas. It was expected however soon war would break out unless compromises were made.

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April 15th 2017


The opening assault by the Midway Republic against the California Republic was made at around six am by massive artillery barrages and air attacks against Californian Army positions around Boulder City and the Hoover Dam. The land assault was made shortly after seven am by one Brigade across the main road bridge south of the Hoover Dam, before attempting to outflank the Hoover Dam's defenders and advance along the Great Basin Highway.


The attack would immediately sever the Hoover Dam Access Road to the Hoover Dam itself, severing road links to the Californian units defending it. However they would fail to cut the Hoover Dam off completely, being bogged down by reinforcements arriving from around Boulder City. The Californian Forces which held the Las Vegas area would be reinforced throughout the day with orders to relieve the trapped force.


However the assault on Hoover Dam was a diversion, which masked the real assault which would be made around midday by a Division sized force down Highway 15 in Northeast Nevada. The attack made without any pre attack bombardment achieves complete surprise, taking the City of Mesquite off the march. The assault then drove down Highway 15 and subsidiary roads into the vicinity of Moapa and the Moapa Valley, attempting to reach Las Vegas from the northeast.


By the end of the day, forward units had reached a point thirty miles northeast of Las Vegas itself, frustrated by Californian positions which had blocked numerous attempts to outflank them. The Californian Air Force had managed to nullify Midwest Air Force attempts to take air superiority, with losses of aircraft on both sides.


At the Hoover Dam front, the Midwest assault had halted in front of the defending Californian units and had failed to force the defenders off the Hoover Dam. However the deception had worked, with the California Republic Military engaging vitally needed reinforcements to defend the Hoover Dam. This front would settle down into a siege of sorts, while the main front continued to seethe with heavy combat.

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