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CCC Formal DoW (again)


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We hereby declare war on the New Pacific Order, pursuant to our treaty with the New Polar Order.






Britishdude, Chancellor

Shergzus, Vice Chancellor

Llanowar Elf, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Wrath of God, Minister of Defense

Tyler_Canoe, Minister of Internal Affairs




P.S. This is a few hours late, I was busy today :P



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Right on time......very nice blitz!


And why not just state upfront you are oA'ing into this front?

Unless you lack an average IQ, the simple "pursuant to our treaty with NpO" is enough. But don't strain yourself trying to use deductive reasoning. I know it is a new concept to you.


Nice to see the oA coalition add one more failed blitz from an aggressive party to their repertoire!


Hail CCC, the shining moralist beacon of CN.


That didn't take long.

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Actually they are using a nonexistent oA clause in their MDP treaty with NpO.
How do you activate an oA clause in a treaty where it doesn't exist?


This may be of interest.
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Thank you.


See it's really not hard to either keep your wiki updated or just announce it properly.  lol, I'm sorry I'm sure a treaty purist, but that is why we sign them right?  If not, lets just do away with all of them and say free-for-all.

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At one point, CCC was anti-aggression and would never have oA'd.  Actually, most of their treaties were MDP I think to reflect that stance.


However, the last few wars they have been going aggressive through MD treaties so this isn't some startling new trend.


Their choice of target however is rather disheartening :(

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