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The Nerdgasm Accords




Preamble: Recognizing that both Fallout and Star Wars can be geek heaven to nerds all over the world, The Last Remnants(TLR) and New Sith Order(NSO) hereby enter into this Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.

Article I: Your vault or my ship?

NSO and TLR recognize the sovereignty of each others' territories. No Sith will mess the Vault-dwellers and the mutants and Wastelanders will endeavor to exist with as little offense to the dark jedi business as possible. Sexbots and fluffy neutral jedi are fair game to all.

Article II: Galactic Information Kiosks and Broken Radios

If either ones' communication blacks out, we both agree that it does not mean only one thing - Invasion - and share the information we find important to each order so there will not be needless worrying about the Trade Federation's droid army or the Enclave attacking.

Article III:  Invaders Must Die!

Should anyone attempt a violent takeover of the vault or send assassins after the Emperor and/or his seventy wives(Fine, there are 69 of them), the other Nerdnest will send their own assassins, BB guns and armies of radroaches to assist in whatever capacity they are required. If a signatory party has the situation well under control and another apocalypse is unnecessary, the other may sit back and enjoy the executions.

Article IV: Gang wars

TLR and NSO may decide to take part in any gang wars and do so together for the sake of peacehavoc and prosperitydestruction.

Article V: The Final Duel

In the event of a falling out and the mass of nerdgasms having grown too great to handle so it goes supernova, TLR and NSO will calculate the time they have left and gropehug each other goodbye at least 72 hours before the Fatman sings.



For the New Sith Order:
Dark Lord
Sith Lord

For the Last Remnants:
Darth Kestral
Admiral Rifleman
Not Anakin Elorian

Twi'lek dancer Stefano Palmieri - MoIA
Spacejew JSoprano - MoE
Rush My Lightsaber is Bigger Than Yours Sykes - MoFA
Stormtrooper AbsentRaccoon - MoD







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Congrats to both,


OOC: Invaders Must Die was a good album.


Allies and good alliances signing a mutual treaty and a...

...Prodigy reference make this a great win.


[OOC] Agreed! on the Prodigy note!


Thank you, everyone! It is a very awesome present for lil ol' me for the going-away parteh and something I've been tinkering on for what seems like forever!

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It's really cool to see friends together and all, and congratulations guys, but isn't it a little pointless to sign this during the war?
Or perhaps there is a point.

Maybe it's to utilize~

Or we just didn't want to wait before we got the clothes off. I dunno. Ask the elderly folk
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