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King Mars Moves Capital To Akureyri

Iceland now holds the tallest capital building in the world.



'Kingdom Tower' in Akureyri claims the title of "The world's tallest capital building."



With the past explosion of Iceland's population in the past one-hundred years, major cities have not lived up to their expected population growth while rural areas have become more populated by still sparse compared to the rest of the world. That is the case for Iceland - except for the city of Akureyri which has gone from a population of 17,000 to a population of 500,000 in the past two years. Among this, and other factors, King Mars declared that the capital of the Kingdom along with its seat of government would be moved to the city.


Of all of the improvements and expansion in Akureyri, one of the most striking is the 170-story skyscraper, named "Kingdom Tower", was constructed in the center of the city in a section of downtown now dubbed, "Government Square". Since the Akureyri has become one of Iceland's chief financial centers, tall office buildings have been scattered across downtown. The tallest, Kingdom Tower, took seven years to build and was originally owned by a private mining company which was attempting to diversify investments but later declared bankruptcy. Iceland's transitional government at the time, the Island's Council, finished its construction as a public-works project. 


Iceland's government wont all be located within the tower for security and location reasons but the King registered thirty stories for "official government use" while the other 140 floors are to be rented out to Icelandic companies. The tower's structural-integrity has been described as "impeccable" to the natural elements and has been given a AAA rating for safety. Reinforced steel, bullet-proof glass and hard-wired electronics are among the "platinum aspects of Kingdom Tower" said government architect Benedikt Fannar. Other military improvements are rumored to exist on the tower for anti-terrorism measures but the government and military have withheld information on the basis of "National Security".


The King and his government have already moved to Akureyri, along with over 40,000 soldiers belonging to the military's newest branch, the "Royal Guard" which has the distinct duty to "protect and defend Icelandic Royalty and the capital of Iceland." King Mars hinted earlier today that military improvements to Iceland, and specifically the Akureyri area, are soon to come.

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'Ministry of Exploration' Established 

Ambitious goals are made for space and Earth exploration. 




The newly founded Ministry of Exploration has already made ambitious goals in the areas of space, the Atlantic Ocean and the continent of Antarctica. Hundreds of scientists were hired earlier this month in response to what is being called the largest boost in science funding in Icelandic history. The Ministry of Exploration was given multiple goals by King Mars; some of which are searching for petroleum deposits off the coast of Iceland and another is sending a manned vehicle into space. A budget of one-billion kronas has already been designated by the King to the new ministry for "internal affairs". 


Twenty-four companies had come together to lobby the government to initiate a space program and "launch satellites into space for private use" is partially responsible for catching the King's attention, says a Royal spokesman. The group of companies, now dubbed the "Double-dozen" have offered to pay in advance for satellite launches to provide telecommunications for civilian use ranging from cell phones to satellite television and other forms of communication. The government is already training its first "Galactonauts", the decided term for Icelandic space-explorers, in the mission-control center for the space sector of the Ministry of Exploration in Reykjavik. A mission to space, which is planned to be followed by a mission to the Moon and "possibly even Mars", is projected to take place within the next two years, "if not sooner" says a royal press release, "existing technology will allow our program to quickly get on its feet and start running along the track of exploration and discovery." 


Although space is considered the world's final frontier, the other division of the Ministry of Exploration is "Earth Exploration" which has a main focus on "the world's oceans and Antarctica", according to the ministry's charter. All resources allocated for "Ocean Exploration" have been focused on discovering new deposits of crude oil and natural gas offshore of the island which has "already gained some traction and proved early projections true", according to the MoE's public relations office. Exploration in Antarctica and possibly the north pole is the other focus of the "Earth Exploration" division. This would of course come with needed permission from Tianxia, but scientific permits have not been a problem in the past with Antarctica's protector. 


King Mars has made it clear that he wants exploration of the cosmos and Earth to play a large role in Iceland's expanding scientific research.

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'Explosion' in Funding for Higher Education 

Education funding saves University of Iceland and face-lifts others.




Flag of the University of Iceland.



Iceland's Royal "government-overhaul", as King Mars said, has ended the spending-stagnation made by the former Island's Council which ruled Iceland for several years. First the armed forces, then science and now education is the latest sector of the Iceland to see an increase in funding and support from the government which the King said will "jump-start" the island into being a "cultural and scientific powerhouse." The University of Iceland, which was founded in 1911, was the only remaining university in the country that could offer higher-education. Recently, budget cuts, staff lay-offs and tuition-hikes have left the fate of the university in question has the number of students attending dropped seventy-percent in the past five years. King Mars simply stated that this was "unacceptable" and took government action to ensure the "education-equilibrium" was reestablished in Iceland. 


Millions of dollars were pumped into the government-owned university after all government-related debts were forgiven "without question", according to the Minister of Culture. Akureyri Central has been rebranded by the Ministry of Culture and given back it's original name of "University of Akureyri" and has seen a dramatic increase in government-funding and generous debt-forgiveness with the simple signature of Royal Decree by the King. Akureyri has been rebranded as a Liberal Arts school with a serious focus on political science, history and law.    


Hólar University College is the second oldest university in Europe, having been founded in 1106. While the school has maintained a small base of specialties and a minute number of students, expansion has also been implemented for this historical education site as well. The Department of Fish Biology and Aquaculture was the last remaining educational department at the school but three more have been created: "Geology", "History" and "Chemistry". The school is facing massive renovations which will allow it to accommodate over 10,000 students. 


Finally Reykjavík University, which is privately owned, has been given multiple grants from the government to expand it's educational system and support its current departments. The schools, of Business, Law, Computer Science, Science and Engineering, and Health and Education have all been granted additional resources and funding. Reykjavík University is now being promoted as Iceland's scientific university and is already working on several projects with grants from the government and by request of dozens of corporations across the island. 


Finally, the government has set up a scholarship program which will give out "one-hundred million kronas [yearly]" to Icelandic citizens based on merits. The government has also offered tax incentives to any private corporations or organizations willing to give out scholarships as well. Together, these programs are designed to flood Iceland's universities with students "willing and eager to learn" says the Minister of Culture. New education standards have now mandated that students either graduated from high school or join the military which has lowered its acceptance age to sixteen, "although combat-roles will be saved for soldiers seventeen and above" confirmed a Royal spokesman. Higher education at a university is not required but encourage by the government. 

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New Visa Policy Implemented

Borders finally open under regulation by MFA. 





On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) opened Iceland's borders to European countries for the first time since independence after implementation of a new visa policy. 


Geir Aronsson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that "after months of planning we finally have finished the system that will ensure Iceland's safety but allow foreigners into our country. It will be great to see businessmen and tourists exchange back and forth between Iceland and the rest of Europe." The MFA opened up Icelandic borders only to people with a European nationality because "we want to test-drive the system" before "the Kingdom is open to the rest of the world. Mostly all nations and kingdoms of the world will have the same visa regulations. A foreigner would need to apply for a visa from their home country and would receive an acceptance or rejection letter within or up to three weeks. There are some exceptions of course, such as for diplomats and important business figures. 


King Mars said that Iceland's new visa policy will lead to "billions added to Iceland's economy" because of "commerce and tourism." Until now, Iceland had been closed from imports or exports to other nations but that has changed indefinitely. Once word was leaked that the MFA would be opening the borders, millions of dollars started pouring into the Kingdom's stagnant economy with the purchase of factories and shipping facilities. Two government-ran projects, the "Trans-Island Highway System" and the "Trans-Island Railroad" were both officially funded and began. Both the highway and railroad are being administered and built by private contractors with guidance from the government. These two systems are designed to give easy travel for citizens, trade and tourists who will be venturing into the country. According to government officials, the United Republic of Ireland is projected to be the Kingdom's largest trade partner. 


The King floated the idea of establishing a "Ministry of Commerce" which would cover tourism and international trade but for now he said that those two sectors would remain under the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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King Mars and armed forces rescues family on Isle of Man with minutes to spare. 




Royal Standard of the Kingdom of Iceland.



The King has, for the past few months, denied that he has any immediate family however today he revealed that he does in fact have a wife, son and two daughters. 


Early Tuesday morning, the armed forces conducted an operation involving every branch of the military and King Mars himself. An elite group of two-hundred men, along with the King, landed on Mann and found the Royal Family alive and in good health. Multiple militants were neutralized and several others arrested for "High Treason against the Crown of Iceland".  The King and his Family then returned to Iceland with a military escort and are currently in the capitol, recuperating from the ordeal. 


King Mars gave an exclusive interview to the Akureyri Journal to discuss his family and "who they are". The King explained that he had no choice but to hide their identity until they were found for "fear of harm being brought to them". However now, he willingly discussed them in detail. "My wife, Sophia, is from the Isle of Man herself," said King Mars, "she and I met in Douglas when we were just teenagers, before I had even joined the military. Things really began to take off and our relationship built on but I'd say the rest of that is private...Well I suppose I'll say we did get married and had our children: Brigit and Aibell are fraternal twins, both sixteen years old, and my son Lir who is seventeen years old." 


Brigit, the older of the two princesses by a few minutes, enjoys reading, writing, studying history,  poetry and nature. Aibell enjoys playing musical instruments, archery, and also enjoys the environment. Liri, the Crown Prince, "has a passion for the sea. He loves to go sailing, he likes the beach, he collects sea shells and enjoys just about anything having to do with the ocean or the shoreline," according to the King. He also added one surprising detail about his children, stating that they had "natural blue" hair. Further clarification was not given by King Mars but it is expected he may have meant it in a metaphorical way.


A special ceremony is planned to be held to formally anoint the Royal Family into their established positions as Queen, Princesses and Crown Prince of Iceland; however, until then the Family will be getting acquainted to their new life in the capitol.  

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"We wish the Royal Family of Iceland well. May your family and your country meet prosperity and peace in the present and years to come."

-Maria Theresia Yuan-Habsburg, Empress of Tianxia


"Thank you for your kind words Empress. The Queen extends her gratitude for your kind words."

-King Mars Graves, The Kingdom of Iceland

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Great Auk Rediscovered on Eldey

Reykjavik University finds colony of extinct bird. 






The "Penguin of the North" has been rediscovered on Eldey Rock in Iceland. The scientific community has erupted into a pilgrimage that finally took the Coast Guard to prevent too many civilians from going to the island at once.


The Great Auks discovered on the rock are expected to number around ten plus few unhatched eggs. The Royal Government intervened and granted temporary scientific-jurisdiction to Reykjavik University in order for the animals to be "studied and preserved" so that "the North's penguins may once again roam freely throughout the subarctic." The University claimed they sought to protect current nests and assist the other Auks in breeding so that new colonies may be formed around Iceland and hopefully to other former outposts the animals once inhabited. The discovery comes after multiple reported sightings of the bird which caused a massive manhunt around Iceland.


In celebration of the rediscovery of the bird, King Mars declared the Great Auk the "Bird of The Kingdom of Iceland" and said that he hopes to see a pair brought to the capitol zoo when their numbers are sufficient so that "the entire country and hopefully the world may enjoy them." Most of the birds will remain on Eldey Rock while a few have been brought to some of the University of Reykjavik's outposts in the fjords to be bred and start new outposts. The University has said they intend to bring the bird's population into "healthy" numbers within the next few years.

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Iceland's Economy 'Thriving' Under King Mars

Unprecedented growth bringing unemployment to 3.4 percent. 




Unemployment is down considerably after extensive economic reform was done under the King's "New Plan" and laxed economic restraints on foreign goods. 


At first, commerce remained open simply to European nations however, after implementation of Iceland's new visa policy, economic trade has also been opened to members of the Order of Island Nations which is headquartered in Reykjavik. Countries such as Ireland or Tianxia's Commonwealth nations now enjoy extremely low tariffs on goods brought into Iceland which has surprisingly caused an explosion in Icelandic industrial development. Goods which would normally be produced expensively in other nations are easily being made in Iceland at very low prices all while decent wages are being maintained for most working class citizens.  


While this surge in economic activity is temporary, according to the Minister of The Treasury, "models show that we should be on a sustained path of growth for the foreseeable future." Military imports from Ireland have also sparked innovation within Iceland for the construction of new aircraft and vehicles to meet the demand of the populace whose wealth continues to grow. The production and sales of automobiles are up nearly seventy-five percent and the number of new businesses started has risen by fifty percent in the last month alone. 


One of the biggest and most surprising statistics to many, however, is unemployment which is now the lowest it has been in the history of the King's reign at a minute 3.4-percent. King Mars passing on his success to his various advisers and "the people of Iceland who are willing to work hard and make this Island an amazing Kingdom with a humble King." Scientific advances, such as the discovery of living colonies of the Great Auk or new strives into scientific research regarding cancer, have also resulted in the scientific community seeing a major boost in funding from the government, universities and private organizations around the island. Economists predict this "Gold era" to last a few more years if economic conditions stay favorable, and then growth is likely to continue on a somewhat slower but steady path. What economists say can help "prologue" this "golden era" is open up trade to other parts of the world, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it intends to do when the government is ready to enforce relevant regulations and look over various new laws that need to be created.

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Separation of Marriage and State

King Mars relinquishes the Kingdom's regulations on marriage.




Today, the King wrote a Royal Decree stating that marriage is no longer to be an institution of the Kingdom and will be left up to religions and churches to administer. His Majesty's government will, however, begin issuing "Partnership" licenses.


Marriage will no longer have any legal standing for the government itself, but the new Partnership licenses will have the same benefits as marriage formerly did. Tax benefits are among one of the biggest advantages of a Partnership and will remain the same. Though now gays and lesbians will be allowed to obtain a partnership license as where before they could not be married. Leaders in Iceland's small yet active homosexual community accept the new Partnership licenses as "giving everyone full equality when it comes to living together. We are very thankful the King was willing to do this for us and everyone in Iceland," said Indriði Valgarðsson who is a leader of the "Homosexual Alliance" in southern Iceland. 


Proponents of the new measure praise it as an act of compromise for both the religious and homosexuals. "Marriage is sacred," Engilbert Jónmundsson said. Jónmundsson is a clergyman from the Church of Iceland who works in Reykjavik. "While as a Christian I do not believe homosexual 'partnership' is right or moral, I am very happy that the government will not be recognizing them as married. Everyone has had to give something with this new regulation, but I believe everyone has received something too and is happy for it." The Church of Iceland does not grant homosexual marriage but also does not recognize homosexuality as a sin. The Bishop of Iceland confirmed a similar teaching that exists with the Catholic Church where "being homosexual is not a sin. We can not control who we are or how we feel, but being a sodomite is an entirely different story."


The King and Queen were the first to register for a partnership under the new law which only required a simple signing of a few legal documents. Their marriage in the Church of Iceland, of course, still exists as it did before. 

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'Assembly of Iceland' Under Works

King's government is considering a legislature for Iceland.




The Royal Government has confirmed that King Mars, his advisers and professors from the University of Akureyri who have degrees in history and political science  are attempting to design a new "branch of government" which would include a legislature. 


This new branch would "represent every man equally and possibly break Iceland into administrative districts," read one document. Others detailed the new governing body would be called the "Senate" while others said "House of Lords" which shows how the the idea of adding onto the government is still fresh in the mind of the many working on it. If it would be created, legislature would be held in Akureyri along with the King. Another guaranteed feature is that anyone eighteen years or older would have the right to vote in elections for representatives as long as "they are natural born citizens of Iceland and have no serious criminal record." Those who could be elected to these positions "could be anybody" said a spokesman from the King's office. "A title of nobility will not be required to hold office in this body, provided that one is eligible to vote, then he or she may also be in the new legislative body." 


The power the new legislature will hold is different from other countries, specifically republics like the American Commonwealth. "This island is very big and is hard to run with just a few people. I believe my council and I have done very well at ruling Iceland and implementing Royal Decrees to help the people and keep the economy in order, but a legislative body that would represent everyone could perhaps help me hear from people that live on every corner of the island. I do not always hear about royal roads in the fjords that need repair but I am sure they matter to someone. This new branch of government would be best for everyone." The King implied that the body will be in more of an advising role. 


Professor Ásta Þráinsdóttir from the University of Akureyri, who is helping with establishing the legislature, says that "it will have some powers, but most of it will still reside with the King." Þráinsdóttir said that the purpose of the new body will be to inform the King of problems around the island so that they may be dealt with before conditions get worse. "There is a major difference though. Before, the power of making law specifically resided with the King and he alone through Royal Decrees. This new House of Commons, or whatever you want to call it, will be able to pass bills which will be brought to the King to either sign or reject. If he would sign them, then they would become law but wouldn't be a Royal Decree." As of now, the legislature would not have the power to overturn a decision by the King but Þráinsdóttir was careful to say "that is still in the works." 


There has been little domestic troubles in Iceland since the coronation of the Iceland's Monarch, however King Mars believe that "the people need a way to get their voice to me. I am not a tyrant or a dictator, I am a King set on doing the best for his people, and part of that is hearing what they have to say." More details regarding the future legislature are set to be released "soon" by the Office of The King.

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"Althing" Reinstated as General Assembly of Iceland

King Mars is praised for willingly implementing devolution and representation.




The "Althing" is the general assembly of Iceland which was founded in 930 AD. The King has officially recognized it as the "present legislature of Iceland" and now new elections are already underway to begin the next session of the island's assembly. 


The Althing will share legislative powers with the King, who may still make Royal Decrees, but now actually has some limitations to his Executive and Legislative authority. For example, the King has relinquished his power to declare war and now needs a majority vote from the Althing, along with his own written approval, to declare a state of war between Iceland and another nation. However, the King is still in command of the armed forces and may defend Iceland "if she is in immanent danger or attacked" according to the Office of the King. Other measures, like raising or lowering taxes, would also require approval of both the King and Althing. His Majesty expressed that the specifics of exactly what powers he and the legislature would share will later be spelled out in a "government document" that will help distinguish who has say in what affair. 


"There are many distinct powers that the King and the assembly will share. I am thankful that His Majesty will allow the people to have a greater say in government," assembly candidate Birkir Njalsson said. While very few question King Mars's grace in relinquishing power he could easily keep, there are multiple factions of people running to be in the assembly that all share different kinds of ideologies. The King's Office released a statement saying that "His Majesty gives no allegiance to any political entity, party or faction except for Iceland itself. The King has warned about the dangers of political parties and how they can dilute the ideas of basic republicanism and representation, but believes the Althing will be able to prevent any one party from becoming too powerful." The King's ideologies seem to be a mix between parties which is probably an additional reason he offers support for any one party.



Independence Party

Area of Interest Increasing the political and economic independence of Iceland from other countries.

Military Reasonable increase in the size of the military along with working with allies and other countries to train the armed forces. Also supports territorial expansion. 

Economy Increasing the strength of the economy via production of goods and creating more jobs.

Welfare Does not believe in massive welfare programs, but does support more specialized programs for specific groups like the hungry, disabled or single-parent.


​Monarchist Party 

Areas of Interest Keep the Church of Iceland playing a major part in government and keeping a moralist society.

​Military A greater focus on defensive capabilities and no large increase in defensive capabilities. 

Economy Decreasing international commerce and stricter visa policies; a more self-sustaining economy.

Welfare Creating stable welfare programs to provide for the poor and needy.


Viking Faction

Area of Interest Vastly increasing the strength of the military.

Military Increasing the size, strength, and budget for the entire military.

Economy Adding more military jobs.

Welfare Supports the creation of small/basic welfare programs like food grants and social security but nothing more.


Pirate Faction

Area of Interest Increasing citizens' individual rights.

Military A greater focus on defensive capabilities and the Royal Navy.

Economy Increasing international commerce.

Welfare Increasing equal opportunity over entitlements. Believes assistance should only be available to those most in need such as orphans, the elderly or the crippled but is Not needed for the normal able-bodied poor.



There will be one-hundred seats up for election in the Althing. Once all of the assemblymen are elected, the King will formally open the first session at the capital.

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Observing the Path to War

Some members of the Althing wish to enter the European conflict.



Royal Marines pose for photo before training exercises in the northwest fjords.


One of the first measures taken by the Althing, Iceland's new general assembly, was regarding if the Kingdom should take a side in the European conflict. King Mars still has not changed his stance and the Monarchist Party, which holds the largest minority of seats in the Althing, is standing with him to maintain peace.


The Independence Party and Viking Faction, however, believe that "conflict may be inevitable" according to an Independence assemblyman and "is reason for additional military spending" as one Viking member stated. Both Independence and vikings share a general consensus that the Norse Kingdom and Poland are on "the good side" as one assemblyman put it. The population of Iceland shares a variety of opinions according to exit polls for the Althing. A near split exists between support for the Norse and the Athenians. This is expected to be reflected in multiple upcoming votes where proposed declarations of war have been submitted and sponsored by different parties against a few of the involved nations, including the Norse Kingdom and even Athens.


The Pirate Party, which also holds the Lawspeaker, promotes siding with the Athenians and, like the Viking Party, believes some additional military spending will be required for a potential war effort. Pirates point to how the Norse surrounded Ireland in preparation for what seemed to be a preemptive strike and that "taking the Norse's side could not only be detrimental to relations with Iceland's closest ally," said a Pirate political strategist, "but it could also ruin relations with Athens whom the King has promoted to have a diplomatic meeting with." Pirates assert that greater relations need to be established with Athens and not taking their side in the war would obviously be a poor choice.


King Mars has continued to state his support for peace and pointed to Ireland where their executive kept his country from "the terrors of war." Skeptics of neutrality and supporters for joining the war point to the fact that the Irish legislature voted agianst war by only one vote. Government officials say that the vote will be too close to predict if Pirates and Vikings can agree on who to take action against - otherwise peace will remain. The Royal Air Force and the Navy have increased drills off the southeast coast of the island. The Ministry of War has denied that it has anything to do with the present conflict in the region.

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Freyr Eriksson Elected as First Lawspeaker of Iceland
Eriksson wants to maintain peace, secure right to assemble and set up social programs.
Freyr Eriksson during vote for first Lawspeaker of the Althing.
Eriksson was one of the last men expected to be elected Lawspeaker, according to the Pirate Faction leader Arnald Baldwinson. "He is a young man, he's from the capital which has a lot of competition and he's one of the more economically liberal Pirates. What Freyr did have going for him was his political experience in the capital and his great personality, the guy just spews likeability."
Prior to his election of Lawspeaker, Eriksson was originally a sandwich shop owner in the capital who capitalized and started his own franchise. What started as a sandwich cart on the side of the street founded by his grandfather became one of the biggest food franchises in the capital with over twenty shops across the entire city. After earning millions of krona, Eriksson was elected to the city council where he helped keep crime low and brought major shipping interests to the capital which eventually led to it being chosen by the King as the new seat of government. Eriksson also helped found two unions, one of the city's police force and the other for the city's firefighters because of formerly poor working conditions and what was described at the time as "low-grade equipment". 
Upon hearing of King Mars's plans to form a new legislature, Eriksson was quickly given support from other business owners and members of the city council to run for office. "I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into," Eriksson said. "But I was getting so much pressure from my friends and family, my neighbors and people at work that I just had to give it a try. I thought, 'Why not?'" Eriksson won his assembly district with seventy-five percent of the vote and was held as a champion in the capital where he had campaigned for social programs for single mothers and an overhaul of the public education system; including more funding for high schools. The assemblyman is also a Roman Catholic and has strong positions on some of the Pirate parties central beliefs.
"I am not afraid to state that I believe the people of Iceland should have the right to peacefully assemble and the freedom of the press," Eriksson said. "King Mars has upheld these liberties, which I applaud, but we need to have them solidified with law. A 'right' is nothing if it is restricted when it is truly needed." In the past Eriksson supported the right to bear arms, he himself being the owner of "multiple weapons". Having possession of a firearm is, of course, illegal within the city limits of the capital but the rest of the island is still fare game for the debate of firearms. 
The Pirate nomination for Lawspeaker of the Althing came to great surprise to him. "The first thing I said," remarked Eriksson, "was 'Do I get to meet the King?'. Since then I've met him three times and it's been a humbling experience. I think it's amazing that the people can help run this country and keep its gears turning." As Lawspeaker, Eriksson will still be a voting assemblyman but will also set the agenda for meetings and will have a great deal of influence over what bills and resolutions are put up to vote. Also, the King will go directly to him to express his concerns and support on different issues in the Kingdom.
King Mars revealed he also has additional plans for Eriksson in the coming week. "The Lawspeaker and I met last week. He will be conducting a series of foreign affairs missions with the Athenian Federation and the Empire of Tianxia. I am confident he will represent the people of Iceland professionally and speak on behalf of his King honestly," King Mars stated to the press. While Eriksson is a businessman, he did earn a bachelors degree in International Relations and minored in political science all while running his franchise. Eriksson was recently awarded an honorary Masters in Business Administration for "the work he has accomplished and the brilliance he has shown in making a small shop into a multi-million dollar franchise." 
The Lawspeaker said he has high hopes for his meetings with the Tianxian government and the Athenians. "I believe Iceland is going places where no one ten years ago would have even guessed it would be, and evidently other countries are taking notice of that." The first bill proposed in the Althing will grant Icelandic citizens the right to peacefully assemble and the freedom of the press - the bill will go up to vote in the coming days and is expected to pass.  Edited by PresidentDavid
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Satanists Slaughter Teens in Reykjavik

Althing writing legislation to take action, the King condemns the violence. 




Thousands of residents in Reykjavik gathered outside and within the Church of Hallgrímur for a candlelight vigil and ceremony for three high school teens who were brutally slaughtered by a group of self-proclaimed Satanists. 


Two teenage girls, both sixteen, and one teenage boy, who was seventeen, were tied up and gagged in a Reykjavik apartment after being told there would be a party there later that night. A group of two young men and two young women brutally killed the teenagers in what police are only describing as "inhumane" and "frightening". The teenagers, who attended a private school run by the Church of Iceland, were beloved by their peers and all "star students" remarked one of the victim's parents. The murderer's would have gotten away, had it not been for a city guard, Ari Robertsson, who was called to investigate "violent noises" which were coming from the upstairs apartment. 


Robertson claimed he caught the alleged murderer's "red handed" and shot one the young men who "lunged" at Robertsson with a knife. "By the time I got up there, it was already too late. They - they were all dead. I'll never get that image out of my head. I hope everyone prays for the souls of those kids." The Church of Iceland released an official statement from the Bishop's office stating, "This act of terrorism and pure evil will not go unanswered" and that "the Bishop is calling for the Althing and the King to take action against this dangerous cult of people." 


King Mars give a short speech outside of the capital and call acts "despicable" and "cowardly attacks on the innocent." Before leaving for the Athenian Federation, Lawspeaker Eriksson condemned the attacks as well. "I will see to it that legislation is passed by the Althing so that those responsible for this pay and aren't allowed to do something like this again." This attack has reportedly united Vikings and Pirates in an effort to subdue those responsible and anyone else involved. 


Local communities, especially in the north, have started banning the practice of "devil worship" all together while a riot broke out in the outskirts of the capital in front of a rumored house of worship. The public, the Church and every party and faction in the Althing are demanding action - it's now up to the government to act.

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The Isle of Prosperity 

Isle of Mann at a cultural high point.




The Isle of Mann is the only vassal of Iceland but is doing perfectly fine sustaining itself. After being given to the King by Ireland, the island's government - which is among the oldest is Europe - was allowed to continue to function, pass laws and collect taxes along with preserving its own small number of defense forces. The people of Man have seen independence before, and as a vassal enjoy more independence then as a province or region of Ireland or Iceland. That marginalized independence has led to a cultural explosion which the people of the Island embraced, and many have started to make a living off of it. 


It all began when the Royal Treasury granted the Isle of Man one-billion krona to "repair damaged infrastructure" and "for general use of the people of Man". The Island's government carefully directed the money into first rebuilding local roads, upgrading ports and then handing over one third of the remainder to municipalities to "improve the culture of the Island." Restaurants, bars, museums and new churches sprung up on all corners of the Isle while residents found new work in construction and management. Investors from Iceland also took notice, bringing in additional money that was not subsidized. 


Further attention came to the island when the Queen returned to her self-described "homeland" and met with members of the Tynwald, which is Man's legislature consisting of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council, and the Chief Minister of the Island. The Queen expressed her love for the Island and "the wonder and mystery it can have when one explores it." Folklore includes tales of fairies and creatures in the woods - a subject Her Majesty is quite fond of.


Tourism to the Island could be higher, according to the Chief Minister, "but it is not something we here promote. This Island has been stable and relatively peaceful for over one-thousand years and that is because of our seclusion and endurance. Foreigners are welcome to visit, but I do not see why it should be our primary source of income. To many places become dependent on the money of other peoples and forget who they truly are." The government's focus on seclusion and "prosperity from within" has surprisingly worked well for itself and garnered the attention of the King who said in a press conference, "I believe there is a lot to learn from our peaceful vassal. It is a privilege to be the Lord of Mann."


King Mars expressed interest in allowing the Island's government to make more decisions for themselves, including more control over the Island's military which is presently dominated by Icelandic and Irish troops. The Island's large population of Irish and Celtic peoples, who are prominently Catholic, have not made a large problem out of the Irish or Icelandic military presence on the Island, but the Chief Minister's Office has "further demilitarization of the Island" as one of his goals. 


The prosperity of Mann continues to attract Icelandic investors and tourists, all of which want to explore the tiny country within a country. 

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N-U Surrenders, Islands Claimed

Marines claim islands 'For King and Country'



Iceland's flag flies over the Faroe Islands as nearly 50,000 new subjects join the Kingdom.


Athenian soldiers claimed victory along with the Danish, Swedish and the Kingdom of Iceland in what is being called the "Liberation of the Low Countries" by Icelandic historians already. While not claiming major holdings, the Royal armed forces claimed the Faroe Islands and Jan Mayen "for King and Country" as one private stated.


Icelandic forces met no military resistance at the Faroe Islands however "seventeen civilians were detained while the operation was ongoing", according to the Ministry of War. King Mars cleared all civilians in the matter of any charges and awarded every resident of the Faroe Islands 10,000 krona from the Royal Treasury for their bravery and new loyalty during the operation because they did not rise up in arms. Military rule is set to end in the islands after this week. King Mars has expressed that the Faroe Islands will become a vassal similar to the Isle of Mann. The Law Assembly, the legislature of the Faroe Islands which dates back to Viking times, has already been sanctioned by the King as legitimate and the Law Person, similar to Iceland's Lawspeaker, is the head executive of the islands and has been recently reelected. A Lord has yet to be appointed to the islands.


The thousands of troops that landed at Jan Mayen met no resistance because a population to resist was non-existent. Military officials admit that they had false intelligence which said, in part, that Jan Mayen had secret military facilities with armed N-U soldiers. This proved to be false, and only a small scientific research center existed with seven scientists in total - all of which applied for political refugee status and were granted it by the government. All seven are currently working for the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and have been commissioned to continue their works. The Ministry of War concluded that the environmental impact soldiers left on the unpopulated island was minimal to none, mostly because all vegetation was dead or covered in several feet of snow. Jan Mayen will not be a vassal, because of its lack of population, but is instead now considered part of Iceland proper. As of now, the government remains in control of all lands on the island in order to "preserve and protect" the environment until what should be done with the island is resolved.


Military presence on Jan Mayen has been withdrawn, while the Faroe Islands have seen an increase in non-combat military personnel who are rebuilding infrastructure damaged in the war and providing general improvements to local buildings. The use of N-U currency has been made illegal and an exchange rate of 1-1 in the Royal Treasury has been confirmed for the next two weeks. The Althing approved of the military's actions and declared peace yesterday. The Lawspeaker stated that "The Royal armed forces entered the field of battle bravely and completed their mission as set by the Althing and their King. We are lucky to have not seen any loss of life, but mourn the fallen soldiers of our ally Athens, our close associate the Danish, and all other parties involved. The people of Iceland are happy to see this conflict come to a smooth end." The Althing is expected to add a seat to itself so that the Faroe Islands may be represented.

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'Sleepwalking' Made Iceland's National Anthem

Crown Prince Lir helped chose the anthem among other possible songs.




"Sleepwalking" by the Chain Gang of 1974 has officially been made the national anthem of the Kingdom of Iceland by Royal Decree this evening. One of the more modern choices the song was chosen over instrumental pieces.


Millions of Icelanders cast ballots to decide the ten songs which Prince Lir and a committee from the Althing would chose from to make the national anthem. The Prince said that after weeks of deliberation, "Sleepwalking" was chosen, "because it is a song of love, hope, determination, endurance and it really is asking us to look at the world around us and consider - 'Maybe we're just sleepwalking?' or maybe things are not how they appear, maybe everything is so different we cannot even imagine." Prince Lir stated that a national anthem should inspire and make one think of one's country. "But I also want it to make Icelanders think," he said.


In parades and formal events the song will be expected to be plaid in its entirety and not just the instrumental version. The swearing in of members of the Althing or the Lawspeaker and the coronation of new Monarchs in the future will see use of the song to mark those historical events and others. King Mars stated that "unlike some nations, students will not have to listen to the anthem every morning. However next on the Prince's and committee's agenda is to develop a pledge of allegiance - something I am looking forward to."


It will certainly be interesting to see how private entities perform the anthem at sporting events. Laugardalsvöllur stadium has already announced that it will be holding a concert-like event before each of its games to play the anthem. 

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Massive Protests Erupts in Capital After Satanists Kill Again

Six Catholics slaughtered by Satanists on anniversary of Reykjavik Massacre, citizens demand action - Pope Anthony gives statement.



Fifty-thousand citizens gather in capital and hold candle-light vigil, demanding government take action.


Six Catholic students were murdered by Satanists in Akureyri on the anniversary of the Reykjavik Massacre where students from a private school run by the Church of Iceland were killed. All of the students in both cases are believed to have been killed because of their faith. 


Over fifty-thousand protesters gathered in Akureyri where the largest candle-light vigil in Iceland's history was held. The protesters have so far remained peaceful but many are demanding that the King and Althing take action. "We need our King, the Althing wont take action. King Mars needs to stop this evil," a protester remarked. Lawspeaker Freyr Eriksson called the Althing into emergency session and said that Iceland's legislature would begin debating what action should be taken. After the Reykjavik Massacre, debate began in the Althing however assemblymen were torn at whether Satanism should be banned or not. Nearly all of the assembly agreed, however, that action needed to be taken. 


"I will keep the Althing in emergency session until this matter is resolved. No one is going home until we resolve this," said the Lawspeaker. After the protests in the capital and smaller ones which have taken place in Reykjavik, actual legislation or a Royal Decree from the King is expected to take place. The only unresolved matter is how drastic it will be. King Mars will be addressing the Kingdom tomorrow from the Althing, but has already released a statement which in part that the murders in the capital were "deplorable" and "pure evil." He declared that action would be taken unequivocally within the next few weeks. 


The Catholic Church has also made several statements in regards to the Catholic students who were killed. Nuns from a monastery in Akureyri participated in the vigil and prayed the rosary at the steps of Kingdom Tower. The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Akureyri joined the candle light vigil and was allowed into Kingdom Tower to speak with King Mars. Pope Anthony held a Mass at the Vatican for the six teenagers who were killed. "We must condemn violence like this," said the leader of the Catholic Church. "The Children of God are being murdered in Iceland, I beg the world to pray for their souls. We must also pray that such violence does not happen again, and that the Icelandic government does its best to prevent this in the future."


The King invited Pope Anthony to Iceland. The Vatican released a press statement which said that the Pope would be in Akureyri by morning to be with the King as he addresses the country. The Bishop of Iceland will also be in attendance. Millions of Icelanders now await their government to take action.

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King Mars Addresses Althing

"Evil has no safe haven in Iceland."




Millions turned on their TVs and radios to listen to the King's first "Address to The Kingdom" this morning. Both Pope Anthony of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bishop of Iceland, head of the Church of Iceland, were in attendance. 


"It is clear now that these attacks are not isolated events. I would like to see legislation put forth and passed by tonight that will prevent such attacks from happening again so that a unified decision can be made - otherwise I will take action myself. Evil has no safe haven in Iceland," King Mars said in the Althing. Many assemblymen cheered as Iceland's Monarch demanded these forms of violence stop. Both the Pope and Bishop spoke as well. Each gave their condolences to the families of the dead and said that it was the will of God to protect young people from "these acts of cruelty and evil". 


After the King's address and words from the religious leaders, Lawspeaker Eriksson proposed a bill that would ban the worship of the devil "in Iceland and all lands under the Crown." The event was televised outside of the Althing, allowing thousands of gathered citizens to watch the event in real time right outside of Iceland's seat of government. The crowd mourned the loss of life but cheered for reform. The Lawspeaker's bill is expected to pass with a near unanimous majority and is expected to be signed into law by King Mars tonight - effectively outlawing the worship of the devil, demons or evil spirits. 

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The Norse Kingdom condemns this attempt to restrict the freedom of worship. Whilst we do not support the violence perpetrated by these sick individuals, nor should those who worship darker powers be penalised for doing so.

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"The Laurentine Union would like to inquire into what constitutes an 'evil spirit', as we are concerned that the vague nature of the term might invite religious intolerance. Such a law that could be possibly the first step towards outlawing other religions is rather disturbing."

-Florence de Pétèvellier, Minister of the Exterior

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The Norse Kingdom condemns this attempt to restrict the freedom of worship. Whilst we do not support the violence perpetrated by these sick individuals, nor should those who worship darker powers be penalised for doing so.


From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Iceland

To The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Norse Kingdom 


Mister Minister,


Self-proclaimed Satanists have been responsible for the murders, violent hate-crimes, and terrorizing of the people of Iceland for the last two years. Violent crime is virtually non-existent in Iceland, the police have not had to shoot an individual on the island for over forty years until the Reykjavik Massacre where one of the murderers was taken down on the scene. Three teenagers were brutally slaughtered in the Massacre; targeted for their belief in God and membership in the Church of Iceland. Now six teenagers, members of the Catholic Church, suffered a similar death, as those before, in Akureyri. In both of these cases these teenagers were students of religious schools and held a belief in God. Threats have also been made against similar schools of different Christian denominations on the island and has come down to civilians afraid to send their children to school in the mornings.


Seniors Jón Thorirsson, Björn Steinsson, and Junior Ólafur Agnarsson were the three young men killed in Friday's murders along with three young ladies: Brynhildur Thorirsson, Pála Steinsson, and Halldóra Steinsson who attended St. Thorlak Catholic High School in Akureyri. They were not just killed, but mutilated and sacrificed as part of a ritual. This is not only a deplorable act of evil but is viewed in the eyes of the Royal Government as terrorism against the non-Satanic people of Iceland. His Majesty's Government will not disgrace those who have fallen by respecting the Satanist's practices of savagely slaying young people who were guilty of nothing more than their faith. We will not condone a cultist-like organization that sacrifices children, robs graves, and kills animals in the name of evil. This government will not lay down while evil lurks on this island, and any assumption that we should do so is a blatant ignorant and despicable offense against the people of this island.


Over fifty-thousand citizens, including the Christians, Pagans, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists that make up Iceland's religious background took to the streets in what has become the biggest protest in Iceland's history; demanding that action be taken to stop these undeniable acts of violence on the people of Iceland. For the past two years, Intelligence and the Royal Guard have investigated and uncovered serious plots to kill the Royal Family by the members of this organization who claim to be a religion - but this government only recognizes now as terrorists. The Kingdom of Iceland is tolerant and understanding of different beliefs and ways of life, but what is going on now is not acceptable.


Any government that has the audacity to accuse Iceland of oppressing a religious minority should take these sensitive facts into consideration before making unjust, insensitive, and misinformed accusations that the Freedom of Religion is being restricted. And any government that condones this type of religion within their borders is not welcome to the diplomatic table with Iceland in any shape or fashion. King Mars Graves, as Defender of The Faith for Iceland, has an obligation to his God, his Church, and his Subjects which he will not falter on. Evil has no safe haven in Iceland.


Anton Arnarson

Minister of Foreign Affairs for The Kingdom of Iceland

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To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of Iceland

From: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Norse Kingdom


You explanation is poor. No country on earth outlawed the worship of Islam after the atrocities commited against the free peoples of the world in the name of Allah and rightly so.


Satanism is not evil, it is simply the flip side to the same coin as the worship of God. However, as stated in our initial statement, we do not support the unspeakable acts of murder taking place in Iceland at the moment, but it is wrong to deny the freedom of worship to those Satanists who do not undertake acts of violence.


I suggest you use intelligence services to track down the violent, fringe extremists and bring those men and women to justice, rather than removing the freedom to worship and tarring all satanists with the same brush.


King Mars and his advisors are fools if they are not competent enough to conduct thorough research into the day to day lives of those who worship Satan.
I would also point out, that the Norse Kingdom is a pagan society, with its primary religion based around the teachings of our ancient religion before the Christianization of Scandanavia. This does include ritual animal slaughter I might add.

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Althing Bans Worship of Satan - More Teens Kidnapped but Rescued
The full text of the bill released and only requires the King's signature; teens narrowly escape murder.
Lawspeaker Freyr Eriksson made a brief statement to the press, confirming that the Althing passed a bill which will ban the worship of Satan or ritual sacrifices to the evil spirit. This comes after confirmed reports that the Satanists reportedly responsible for the past two year's killings kidnapped six more students from a Christian High School in the capitol. 
At noon, the Althing voted with more than a two-thirds majority to ban the worship of Satan or offering sacrifices in his name and labeled it a "criminal offense". The law also condemned the attacks on minors and gave specific regulations as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior for a religion to practice in the realm of Iceland. This is the full text of the bill as released from the Lawspeaker's office:


An Act To Ban The Worship of Satan




Preamble Whereas multiple Satanic groups have come together under a confederation known as "Followers of The Prince of Darkness" with members who have confessed to committing acts of murder including the events known as "The Reykajavik Massacre" and the "Akureyri Slaughter", domestic terrorism including death threats to schools within the capitol and Reykajavik, attempting to recruit others to join in worshiping an anti-Christian/Jewish/Islamic deity in order to inspire hate, and High Treason against the Crown of Iceland by threatening, planning, and attempting to carry out the murders of members of the Royal Family; this Assembly of Iceland stands resolved for the Realm of Iceland.
Section 1 The worship of Satan or his demons shall be unlawful and illegal.
  • The punishment for this crime includes exile from the Realm if no other of the below have occurred.
Section 2 Taking part in sacrificing to Satan or his demons shall be unlawful and illegal.
  • The punishment for this crime when non-human sacrifice is willingly/knowingly observed is up to two years imprisonment. 
  • The punishment for this crime when human sacrifice is willingly/knowingly observed is life imprisonment or death.
  • The punishment for willingly/knowingly performing a non-human sacrifice is between two to five years imprisonment. 
  • The punishment for willingly/knowingly performing human sacrifice is death.
Section 3 Harboring the worship of Satan shall be unlawful and illegal.
  • The punishment for this crime when no sacrifices takes place is between three and five years imprisonment. 
  • The punishment for this crime when non-human sacrifices takes place is between five to ten years.
  • The punishment for this crime when human sacrifice knowingly takes place is life imprisonment or death.
Section 4 Encouraging or recruiting Icelanders to worship Satan shall be unlawful and illegal.
  • The punishment for this crime is one to five years imprisonment. 
Section 5 This bill will not be used to infringe upon the liberties of the unfaithful.
Section 6 The "Followers of The Prince of Darkness" and all sub groups within it are recognized now as terrorist organizations.
Section 7 This bill will take effect immediately upon signature of the Sovereign of Iceland.
The bill now only requires a signature from the King to become Icelandic law. King Mars has not yet announced where or when he would sign the bill but has cancelled two public events in the next two days. Family members and loved ones of the dead have expressed their support for the law at a public event held yesterday outside of the capital in honor of the fallen. The Church of Iceland has also expressed support.
The bill comes hours after another group of teenagers, who were reported to have been kidnapped one to two days ago, were being held in an apartment complex. Members of the Royal Guard and Capital Guard rescued the teenagers. They were brought to the Royal Medical Center and are currently being treated for minor injuries. The suspects were arrested and put into custody to stand trial. Edited by PresidentDavid
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