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CCC Election Results

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Voting in the CCC has come to a close, and the 2014 Winter High Council has been elected. Results are as follows:

Chancellor, Britishdude (Rainblesser)

Vice Chancellor, Shergzus

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Llanowar Elf

Minister of Defense, WrathofGod

Minister of Internal Affairs, Tyler Canoe (Unfortunately, his campaign slogan wasn't "Tippy Canoe and Tyler too!")


Thank you for your time, you may resume your pixel exploding.

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Tyler is CCC government now?! YES! \o/
He'll serve you super well, I'm sure. Amazing War Doves member and amazing guy in general. :)

Britishdude is pretty damn cool, too. ;)

Congratulations to everyone else, as well! :P

Edited by Kurdanak
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Great group of fellas here!

taps LE on the shoulder......ah...sir.....there happens to be a GAL on that list. 

Or does this mean Mom has reached a new level and is now considered just one of the guys!  lol


FYI....my position is an appointment not an elected one. (In case you had forgotten.)  haha


inserts notation:  Vice Chancellor:  Shergzus [appointed lackey to BD] 

there...that's better.


If I do say so myself...it is a nice line up and nice to see a couple new faces on that list.  :)



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