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Sierra Leonean Elections

Markus Wilding

Elections for House seats and President  

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Elections have officially begun under a mandate set by Interim President Dalton, who has stated she will not be running for position of President. In the meantime, all parties have set forth their candidates and begun campaigning for seats and office of President.


After a one-week voting period (OOC: RL 2 days) all votes will be collected and counted by the Independent Voting Committee of Sierra Leone, who will announce both House of Representatives seat allocation and the winner of the office of President. After that, the House will elect a Vice President, with one nomination coming from the President and two more coming from the House. Should the House fail to elect a Vice President in two weeks time, the runner up of the presidential elections shall be named vice president.


All information on Sierra Leone's political parties can be found on previous episodes of People and Politics (http://ttp://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/119836-sierra-leone-news-and-events/?p=3209581).


All candidates are open to questions from the international press.

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Unsurprisingly, the Communist Party of Sierra Leone and Christian Alliance are in the top contenders for seats in the House of Representatives. Shockingly, though, the Capitalists League of Sierra Leone has received very few votes, according to the Independent Voting Committee of Sierra Leone. Also somewhat of a surprise is low turnout for the Tianxian, African, Militarists Parties and Educated People's Union.


However, in the realm of presidential candidates, Communist nominee Jamie Abidemi Walker is tied with Christian Alliance nominee Gregory Basher. Enilola McGreggor and Travis Emmanuel have also received votes, but not nearly as many as Communist and Christian nominees.


Where this election will lead Sierra Leone remains to be seen as there are still three voting days left in the electoral cycle. Political commentators are expecting a surge in support for both the Communist and Christian parties, but are divided as to which party will win. While most agree that a Christian Alliance victory is likely, some are predicting a dark horse victory from Travis Emmanuel.

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After collecting and counting all votes, the Independent Voting Committee of Sierra Leone has officially tallied the votes and announced winners.


For office of President, Gregory Basher is the winner.


For House of Representative seats, the following seats have been assigned to parties.


out of 300

Christian Alliance: 130 seats

Communist Party of Sierra Leone: 80

Capitalists League of Sierra Leone: 10

Tianxian Party: 20

African Party: 20

Militarists Party: 20

Educated People's Union: 20

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