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Flag of the Republic of Saskatchewan


President Michael J. Hyde


The Basic Rights of the People of Saskatchewan


Article one: Freedom of speech


All inhabitants of the Republic of Saskatchewan are free to speak their mind without government intervention.No civilian can feel their freedom of speech encroached upon by the government of Saskatchewan by means of wiretapping, jail time, threats, or any other means of bribery or fear. This is essential in the relationship between civilians and the government.


Article Two: Freedom of the press


The press of Saskatchewan is to be free in reporting anything to the world so long as it does not mislead the public. The government may not maintain any sort of publicly funded press.


Article Three: The right to bear arms


Any civilian in good mental health has the right to bear arms. This right can not be encroached upon by any law, fine, registry or ban as it is essential for a free people.


Article Four: All human beings are equal


There can be no institution of government that hinders the right of a person based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. All rights and laws granted to the people of Saskatchewan are for every person in Saskatchewan, not just for the majority. There is to be no double standard in Saskatchewan.


Article Five: Respect


The government of Saskatchewan, and all of its branches must show respect to the people. At no time can a government official by any law or right be set above the average citizen.







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Various government positions on world politics (public):

Government position on dictatorship: The people of Saskatchewan abhor dictatorships. Saskatchewan believes in a freely elected government.
Government position on the UN: The government of Saskatchewan recognizes the institution of the UN as a major political power in the world. However, Saskatchewan does not recognize the U.N. as an influence on the government of Saskatchewan, nor does the government plan on joining the General Assembly. 
Government position on slavery: The government of Saskatchewan is actively against slavery in all forms. All work should be voluntary.
Government position on war: Saskatchewan does not approve of any form of offensive/aggressive conflict. The government holds the position that there is a peaceful solution to everything.
Government position on religion: The Republic of Saskatchewan does not recognize any form of state religions, though the majority of its people are Pastafarians that believe in the gender neutral lord and savior The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Government position on socialism/communism: Saskatchewan does not place judgement on any means a population chooses to live and is accepting of all political ideology. However, the government believes that socialism/communism are not in the best interests of the Republic and thus laws are in place to avoid any sort of state centered government. 
Government position on humanitarian aid: The Republic of Saskatchewan will offer humanitarian aid to all in need whenever it is possible. The government believes it is the duty of world governments to improve and help in the human condition.

Government position on nuclear weapons: Saskatchewan believes that Nuclear weapons are a barbaric weapon of the past and should be outdated with the guillotine and the rack.

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