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Diplomatic Mission to the Norse Kingdom


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To: The Foreign Ministry of the Norse Kingdom

From: The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs




The G.S.E, hereby, invites you to our nation to discuss the increasing of relations between our two nations. As two European nations, we believe it necessary to have good relations between us. We hope you accept our invitation.



The Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs



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A response was penned back to the G.S.E informing them at the invite was accepted and that his His Majesty King Frederik would arrive at the end of the week.


Frederik was indeed slightly nervous about this one, it is not everyday you get invited to a Star Wars themed nation, a Dark Side themed nation for that matter. He wasn't sure if they were completely nuts, or deadly serious so beforehand he caught up on all their recent news and announcements. They seem to be doing a damn good job he thought as he boarded the plane.



Skip straight to the meeting, there's only so much somebody can say in a car and the speed these meetings usually go, it would be finished by the time we got to the office.

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