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Della Luna's DoE and Manifesto

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On January 1st of the year 2014, Head Dellunatic USA Conservative has declared the existence of Della Luna. The purpose of Della Luna is to be a friendly alliance, helping newer players begin and learn the game, as well as give veteran players a place to come. Della Luna believes in diplomacy and will generally not attack first, but is willing to defend itself and others when the time for war comes around. And, as the alliance's slogan states: Credete in diplomazia, la democrazia, e la dominazione. Credete Della Luna. (Translation from Italian: Believe in diplomacy, democracy, and domination. Believe in Della Luna (the moon).)







We, the citizens of Della Luna, believe in kindness towards all alliances. We believe in peaceful growth, but will defend ourselves and our allies. We believe in the ablility to vote for our leaders and therefore choose our direction we'd like to take. We believe in helping each other through every round of the tournament. Credete in diplomazia, la democrazia, e la dominazione. Credete Della Luna. Dellunatics per sempre!

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         Nice and Beautiful, Candor.,..!    This is a very short Tournament ,so i hope you will be able to develop your AA concept well enough...! ;)

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Thank you to both of you. :D Recruiting as we speak. I had no idea it was going to only be a month! Totally unfair. Of course though, we'll get our start, at least! Can't wait!

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