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Sierra Leone, Land of Riches!

Markus Wilding

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Today Sierra Leone announces its sovereignty from Athenian protection. Interim President Michelle Oluwayemisi Dalton has, in line with a mandate set forward by all political parties active in Sierra Leone, announced elections in four months time after the country has stabilized. In a speech made today, Interim President Dalton has said that "While our armies are heading forward to enforce our laws, there is no guarantee that warlordism or tribal loyalty will simply go away because we announce ourselves to be here."




In his large, stately home on the coast, Samuel Amadi Brown watched the speech and shook his head. Behind him in the kitchen, Jonathan Hanks poured two glasses of vodka, imported straight from Russia. "I can't believe this," Samuel said as Dalton continued speaking, "I should be standing up there, not that corporate whore." Jonathan said nothing as he brought the glasses out and sat down on a couch opposite Samuel. "Well, what can you do? A military coup is out of the question, that will force Athens to come right back to enforce democracy." He took a drink of the vodka and leaned forward to look directly at Samuel, seeing the worry in his eyes. "Listen, Samuel, the time'll come. We just have to play by the rules for a few months."


Samuel chuckled and grinned. "The rules, you say?" His counterpart nodded and drank some more of the vodka. "Well, I suppose it isn't too bad." Samuel left the vodka on the coffee table and stood, heading to a collection of photographs on the far wall. The pictures told tales of old militias, fighting for dominance along the coast and inland, and of long-dead friends and aging fighters. "You still have friends in the Army, Jonathan?" Jonathan seemed amused he even had to ask, and said that yes, he did. "Good," Samuel added. He would not see the so-called "Capitalist's League" buy Sierra Leone, no, he would make them fight, politically or otherwise, for it.

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