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Björne and Halsten stared at a napkin attempting to decipher the address written on it. "Damnit, Björne, I told you not to use this napkin."

"How was I supposed to know you wrote the address on it, and who only has one napkin in their car? Every fast food place gives you more than you could possibly need."

"Well, I like a clean car, ok? Besides there was nothing else on hand when they told me the address, now let's just find the place and get him."

"Fine, I think it's this place on the right, the writing is pretty smudgy."


The men talked to some security guards before they entered the massive building through some large gates. "Are you sure this is the right place, Björne? I'm pretty sure there was 'Asylum' written on the name of this place."

"No, but it's my best guess, now ask the woman over there if Gjord Almstedt is here."

"You know we could just call and check"

"We could, but we're already here so go ask the woman"


After a short discussion they were directed to a room down the hall. "Mr. Almstedt?"

"Hi, who are you?"

"We were sent to take you from here."
"Okay, let's go."


-----Later that day-----


Gjord was being led around a massive building by Björne and Halseten "And here is the kitchen, your personal chef  (OOC: Couldn't resist) will cook anything you want." After continuing for a short time Bjorn turned around and noticed Gjord was gone "Awww crap," they soon continued after finding him taking a nap in a corner again. After completing the tour they led him to a dressing room where a crew of people took over.


After the crew finished with Gjord he was led to a large room with a throne at the end, Björne whispered to him "Just go and sit still in that chair for a while." Gjord walked into the room and sat ont he chair, his mind soon wandered, there was some speaking, some music, and some guy placed a crown on his head followed by some cheering.


tl;dr: King

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