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Tech Nexus - Buying Tech $6m for 100t


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If you want to initiate a trade with me, send me an offer for 100t. Then when the slots expires I send you 6m for however many times you want to repeat the trade. I'm a trusted, long-term player, so you know you'll get the money if you ship the tech. In some circumstances if its required I send the money first, then exceptions can be made for individuals if not enough are willing to send tech first. Although I'm getting sick of sending out cash for tech, then not seeing the cash.


Reliable, Trustworthy, Friendly, Good People are the kinds of people I'm looking to do business with. People who make an honest effort towards completing their end of the deal.


Also always remember, regardless of what happens, keep the tech flowing. If I'm already doing tech deals with you before you end up at war, then I'll keep doing tech deals with you regardless. That's the kind of commitment I have to my sellers and would like my sellers to have with me.

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Money sent to those offering to do tech deals, and one seller sent me the tech upfront so far which is nice. 4/6 slots filled so far, so I could use 2 more tech dealers.


Edit: For those with Federal Aid Commissions, I don't mind doing $9m/100t long term if you send the tech first. If you send the tech first, you can later upgrade to a $9m/100t when you do get one. Just let me know when you get the FAC and that you're taking me up on a tech nexus offer.


Also 1 slot left...

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