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Dos Equis Declaration of War


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In recognition of continued hostilities between the forces of NATO, TIO and Sparta and acknowledging that offers for peace were rejected, the remaining forces of XX hereby declare war on the forces of TIO and NATO per the terms of the Dos Equis treaty.

Cable77, Submitter
905, Squirrel
one_eighty_two, Totalfark Council
stargatesg1, Totalfark Council
bmckenna, Totalfark Council
docmeister, Totalfark Council
Beachrat , Totalfark Council

TheDoogan, Triumvir
Kapamilya, Triumvir
Sailor, Triumvir

Yerushalayim, King of Sparta
DeathAdder, King of Sparta
Severus Knight, Ephor of Lykoi
DarkLink, Ephor of Philoxenia
Dark Ice Dragon, Ephor of Mesoa

New Polar Order
Dajobo, Emperor
EaTeMuP, Imperial Regent
Quantum Leap, Imperial Liaison

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I hope for a speedy exit from NATO and TIO, there is no sense fighting your allies because Caustic Brehon and Rayvon were unable to pull the trigger on Polar.



I don't always get first posts, but when I do, I enjoy making it known.

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i would almost be interested to see what the "terms" of peace were that were rejected..i'll assume something outlandish like giving up the first born child...either way tis the season! Good luck to TIO and NATO respectively.


The horrible, horrible term of White Peace

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