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Dragoons on the Vistula


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[b]To: The American Commonwealth Department of State

From: The Office of the Foreign Minister of Poland

CC: The Office of the President of Poland


Subj: State Visit[/b]


To whom it may concern


As Poland begins to develop itself as a nation, and defines itself within the world at large, we find ourselves continuing to look abroad to formalize our nation's status with nations near and far. As per a promise we made to your government, when you granted recognition to the Fourth Republic, a move we are thankful and grateful for, we are taking you up on the offer to formalize relations between our two great nations.


Therefore, we extend the offer to the American Commonwealth to send a delegation to Warsaw to discuss strengthening ties both diplomatically and economically. We look forward to hearing from your nation, the current greatest steward and guardian of North America, and hope that you take us up on this offer. Thank you once again for offering your recognition and verbal support on that account.


Best of Regards,


Wadislaw Maczek

Foreign Minister of the Fourth Republic of Poland

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A formal reply would be given stating that the Commonwealth would be happy to accept Poland's offer to establish diplomatic ties and Deputy Secretary of State Justin Garrett was dispatched to Poland to initiate relations.


OOC: Sorry for the long wait.  I suppose we can assume this happened before the war since this started a while ago.  You could RP out the arrival if you want to.

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