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OOC The New Delta Squad


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History of the Dragon War: Over 5000 years ago the dragons were the dominant intelligent race on planet Earth. The Dragon Guardians saw themselves as caretakers of the world and intended to help the humans on their evolutionary journey. Other dragons however saw the humans as a threat that was supposed to be either conquered or destroyed but they knew the Guardians would still try to protect the humans and so their leader developed a powerful weapon and used it to destroy their capital city and turn it into a mile deep crater. Almost half of the Dragon Guardians were wiped out during the blast and over the next 5000 years they continued to fight one another to a stalemate. The war is getting closer to its brutal and violent finish and only one side will be victorious. Who's side will you be on?




Main Bad Guys:


Henry: The most evil person to ever live on planet Earth. The only thing Henry cares about is how to become more powerful and eventually rule the world. He has a son and a daughter who carry out his orders and are wanted in many of the regions of the world for assasinating many high ranking officials in the past to tie up any loose ends. Henry will not stop until he takes over the world or dies trying and as he gets closer and closer to completeing his plans it will only become harder and harder for anyone to stop him.


Henry's son: He is a cold blooded killer and is one of the best assasins on the face of the earth. Whenever Henry has loose ends to get rid of he sends his son to take care of it. His forces are entirely loyal to him and there are rumors that he plans to turn against his father and take over himself. Only time will tell to see if these rumors are true or not.


Henry's daughter: Will update at a later time.


Main Good Guys:


Joseph: He is the oldest of the remaining Dragon Guardians. While hiding from Henry he became a friend to the Sierra Leone people and was tasked by their government to hunt down those that threatened to destroy them and remove the threats by any means necessary. While investigating a fascist movement that was plotting to overthrow the government he found evidence that Henry was funding them and was the real one behind the entire plot. When his friend was captured by the fascists lead by Samual Brown he contacted the Sierra Leone government and told them to seek out help from the Aquitaine Delta Squad so they could help him complete his mission and destroy the fascists. However when his intel officer friend was killed his thoughts turned from helping Sierra Leone take out the fascists to getting revenge on Henry for all those he killed since the Dragon War started.


Jason: He has been fighting Henry since the start of the war. He and his squad have been tasked with finding and retrieving ancient dragon artifacts before Henry gets a hold of them to use them for his own personal gains. It has become clear to him and those with him that the only way to end this war once and for all will be to kill Henry before it is too late to stop him.


Walter: Jason's best friend. Walter has been fighting by Jason's side since the start of the war and acts as the team's leader when Jason is not around. He believes that Jason is the one destined to end the war and kill Henry but he knows Jason cant win this war alone and will do everything he can to help Jason whether he needs it or not.


Howard: He is the team's explosive expert. When there is something the team needs to blow up he is the one that gets it done. Will update more soon.


John: As a sniper his skills are unmatched. He always makes sure every shot is on target before he even fires them and also acts as the teams intel and recon officer by gathering intel about enemy forces before they continue with their missions. He likes to finish missions from long range because he bellieves if they get to close to the enemy they have a much bigger chance of being killed. However when things do become close combat he is skilled in taking out his enemies quickly and silently and can take out large groups of enemies without being seen or heard.


Jean: She also specializes in long range or close combat fights. She really cares about Jason but also knows he is already married and does not want to get between him and Marie. She hopes to one day tell Jason how she really feels but not until the right moment.


Marie: Has been married to Jason since before the war against Henry even began and have been fighting together through it all. She went undercover as a Baroness of Aquitaine to get closer to Henry and gather as much intel as she could about his forces and what he is planning. She was originally against Jason getting his memory wiped but knew that he was doing it to protect them. With Jason's memories now restored there is much for them to talk about once they see each other again.

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Was not really planning to involve the dragons but I guess we can. Maybe that will tie in to the main character's past and perhaps some of their investigations.  


As for the antagonist part this could work in a way similar to the A-team where they were originally a squad in the military but was then betrayed by their own government. They could be the A-team that investigates supernatural stuff all over the world but primarily in Aquitaine while still trying to piece together their own past and get their revenge on those that betrayed them.


I will start the thread with the background on the squad and the people in the squad and then we can move on to the great betrayal and go from there.


I would still prefer if the supernatural missions were generated by others that post while I focus on my characters and their quest for revenge while doing those missions. The main squad leader's past is still up for grabs but he could be related to the dragons if that is the path the rest of you want to take at this point.

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OK the team will complete the mission finding the idol from Russia and will then have a mission involving one of Sarah's characters that will really begin to reveal things about Jason's past. The mission from the Russians will be more of an introduction to how they handle things like a pilot episode before the main plot line is revealed. 

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I have no problem with that even if you want one of her characters to get involved with this one as well but Jason and Jean need to leave Russia with minimal damage so we can do our other semi-planned rp story.

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OK I know Sarah wants Marie to end up being their main enemy after they find out what she is planning and I also know you guys want one of your characters to be the one that kills them but I have come up with an idea for an even more powerful enemy that is influencing all of them. An enemy so powerful he has influenced stuff long before the events of CNRP. The idea also ties in with Maelstroms original dragon race as well and their history. 


The story for Maelstrom's original race of dragons is that they came to Earth from another planet but what if they were on Earth before they were even on that other planet? The main backstory would be an Ancient Dragon Empire that used the humans as slaves and lots of other dragons didn't like it and helped the humans rebel against the other Ancient Dragons before eventually forcing them to surrender and leave for that other planet. But what they didn't know was that some of the dragons stayed behind disguised in human form and are still alive.


One of the survivors would then become the teams real true enemy who promises power and other rewards to anyone who would join him and Marie later ends up being one of them along with anyone else who decides to join him. That entire backstory would also tie into Jason's lost past a bit and his true destiny would also be revealed.


Plus I am also thinking the Ancient Dragon Empire could tie into the Dig Site and the idol that brought the plane down was an ancient dragon relic.


So what do you guys think?

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