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Rhodesian Security Forces clash with with rebel militias in the Northern Province

Ian Smith

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Rhodesian scouts in the Northern Province

Rhodesian and rebel troops have clashed near the Line of Control in the disputed Northern Province, where for the fist time since the end of the civil war RNU-PF militias attacked a Rhodesian light infantry platoon in the jungles of the Northern province. 
The Federal Government said rebel troops attacked a Rhodesian platoon patrolling the jungles, killing a soldier and injuring another in the disputed northern part of the country.
The Northern province is claimed in its entirety by both the Federal Government and the Rhodesian National Union - Popular Front and has been a flashpoint between them for more than three weeks, resulting in the death of 88.000 military personnel and 15.000 civilians. "Rhodesian troops effectively responded to the attack," the Rhodesian statement said, adding that rebel troops had left behind weapons as they retreated.
Rhodesian army spokesman Fieldmarshall Constantine Chiwenga told Radio Rhodesia-Nyasaland it had responded to a "ceasefire violation" by RNU-PF. Another Rhodesian army spokesman, Sergeant McAllen, a hero of the civil war, told Radio Rhodesia-Nyasaland that RNU-PF militias had "initiated unprovoked firing" with mortar shells and automatic weapons against a reconnaissance platoon. One civilian home was destroyed, he said.
"We retaliated only using small arms. We believe it was clearly an attempt on their part to facilitate infiltration of militants," Sergeant McAllen said. The Federal Government recalled all reservists to the barracks, while many in the country fear that the current peace could be just a short break in one of the most violent conflicts of post-Transvaal South africa. The Rhodesian Red Cross reports a new exodus of Rhodesians from the Northern Province to the Southern part of the country where the United Nations have set up aid camps for the displaced and the victims of the conflict.
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Two company's of Engineers would join the 1st Company, Royal Marines in the northern provinces and begin constructing a series of F.O.B.'s along the major road routes as well as fortifying the smaller villages. A second Company of marines would also move to ensure all the new fortifications and forward bases could be garrisoned and maintained.


With Paraguayan operations toning down, Norse air force administrators would begin to work more closely with the remaining Paraguayan airbase operators for preparation of complete withdrawal and take over.

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