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Recognition of Hostilities

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We held off on posting an official Declaration of Existence, and subsequent Declaration of War.

Politics scare us (or perhaps that's me they scare. Not sure if I "speak" for "us"). However, as an Organizer of the South China Sea, if I may reply:
1) We do find our nations at war with your nations, and
2)We make no claims, of any kind, to any alliance, including "Planet Tokyo" (is that even a real alliance?).

We're engaging the top nations in the New Atlantic Order to quench our thirst. Calm waves lead us to your shores.

Surf's Up.

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         Ghost... here our recent conversation...!


[21:09:05] <Ghost> Epic down declares HDSup
[21:10:50] <HDSup> Actually...it is just an emergency effort ...  attackers feel all powerful!  
[21:11:10] <Ghost> Lolwut?
[21:11:31] <HDSup> well be precise Ghost!
[21:11:46] <Ghost> You're going to have to speak coherantly.
[21:11:52] <Ghost> What you said doesn't make sense.
[21:11:58] <HDSup> why?
[21:12:10] <Ghost> Because I don't know what you're trying to say.
[21:12:50] <HDSup> Well that ok!  nopt all is for every one info...!
[21:13:18] <Ghost> You had 2 down declared of 2k infra, and 1 of 1.3k.
[21:13:22] <Ghost> declares*
[21:13:50] <HDSup> you mean against or in favor?
[21:13:55] <Ghost> Sorry, 1 of 2k infra, 1 of 1.5k infra, and one of 1.3k infra.
[21:13:58] <Ghost> in favor.
[21:14:09] <Ghost> The CoS dudes down declared.
[21:14:12] <Ghost> Rediculously.
[21:14:26] <HDSup> let me see it...!
[21:14:33] <HDSup> wait
[21:14:34] <Ghost> Cehck the war screen.
[21:14:38] <Ghost> Check*
[21:21:04] <HDSup> It seems thatthe defense of NAO is working  so fine, that ScS innow in the sliding down fast...! ;) Is Greece yours?
[21:21:26] <Ghost> It is.
[21:21:30] <Ghost> Are you proud to down declare>
[21:21:36] <Ghost> If you are, you're obviously new to TE.
[21:21:46] <Ghost> Down declaring is one of the worst things an alliance can do.
[21:23:53] <HDSup> No, man... but ScS just wanted to implode NAO ,with all those nukes and NS advantage, like OP and the rest did to Warriors,earlier.  NAO is SKARO's Treaty Partner,man!!! Didn't you know it?
[21:24:24] <Ghost> Lol what?
[21:24:34] <Ghost> We went in on equal ground.
[21:24:44] <Ghost> 18:47] <@Ghost> SCS Average NS pre-war: 16,337
[21:24:44] <Ghost> [18:47] <@Ghost> NAO's Average NS pre-war: 12,841.5
[21:24:44] <Ghost> [18:48] <@Ghost> 43 nukes vs 49
[21:25:11] <Ghost> There was a widening gap because we were spying and they weren't.
[21:25:14] <HDSup> Not exactly,friend... the nuke advantage was severe...!
[21:25:15] <Ghost> And we up declared most of the time.
[21:25:21] <Ghost> No, it wasn't.
[21:25:24] <Ghost> It got severe because we spied.
[21:25:26] <Ghost> And they didn't.
[21:25:29] <Ghost> I alone spied 7 nukes.
[21:25:33] <HDSup> aalmost 2x1
[21:25:39] <Ghost> No.
[21:25:45] <Ghost> It was 43 nukes vs 49 to start.
[21:25:49] <Ghost> You can claim whatever you want.
[21:25:54] <Ghost> I can give you the screenshots.
[21:26:06] <Ghost> > http://s1084.photobucket.com/user/FWG_Ghost/library/Forum%20Sized?sort=3&page=1
[21:26:14] <Ghost> 43 nukes on NAOs side.
[21:26:15] <HDSup> Thank you,man!
[21:26:23] <Ghost> 49 nukes on SCS' side.
[21:26:30] <Ghost> A 6 nuke difference.
[21:27:32] <Ghost> As for NS difference, it was 128k NS when we went in.
[21:27:37] <Ghost> And we had 76k.
[21:27:40] <Ghost> That was us built for war.
[21:27:58] <Ghost> The average NS difference was less than 4k.
[21:28:14] <Ghost> And it'd be even less if you only took the nations we hit into account.
[21:28:20] <Ghost> Aka the original top 56.
[21:28:24] <Ghost> 5.*
[21:29:22] <Ghost> So please.
[21:29:28] <Ghost> Try to defend your down declaring more.
[21:33:53] <HDSup> Interesting screen shots,ghost...  Well, i'll be thinking of calling the DALEKS Back ...soon. And Thanks. Ghost!  
[21:34:13] <Ghost> O.o
[21:34:16] <Ghost> Damn.
[21:34:25] <Ghost> I actually didn't expect you to say that.
[21:34:30] <Ghost> Sorry for being rude then. :P
[21:34:47] <Ghost> I'm use to dealing with bigots in scenarios like this.
[21:35:00] <HDSup> Hey, we Dalek are known by a lot of things but not for being abusive!
[21:35:12] <Ghost> :P
[21:35:20] <HDSup> I mean my DALEKS!
[21:35:43] <Ghost> Now to the real question(s)...
[21:35:48] <Ghost> You see that new Doctor Who?
[21:36:03] <HDSup> Not yet...!
[21:36:12] <HDSup> tell me
[21:36:59] <Ghost> You didn't see the last one?
[21:37:02] <Ghost> With John Hirst?
[21:38:15] <HDSup> I have been off the TV show longer than i can remember,,,! Lol! Do you like it/
[21:38:23] <Ghost> I do.
[21:38:29] <Ghost> Been watching it since Rose.
[21:39:06] <HDSup> Then i will have to go back to watch it again! Lol!!!




As soon as conversations with NAO are completed, the decision of continuing or not  with the AId to NAO, will be then taken...!

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I assumed the NAO/SCS war was as unbalanced when it started as it currently looked, which going back and looking at the nation graphs, is completely and terribly wrong, My mistake. 


I've sent peace to both of you; take it now/send counter attacks and your own peace/keep fighting. Your choice. The original war was clearly fair when it started, and this one is not. 

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You know as well as I do the original wars weren't fair. Half our alliance couldn't even hit you and we all know our top tier had no chance.


If you call them being far better in coordination, activity and warchest numbers being unfair. The only noticeable advantage they had are their WRCs. 

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Nation Strength means nothing, their NS was bloated by Military. These are the stats you should be looking at 


(Peak Infrastructure 4,199.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 4,099.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 3,199.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 1,999.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 2,199.99)




(Peak Infrastructure 3,400.00)

(Peak Infrastructure 2,199.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 2,499.99)

(Peak Infrastructure 3,699.00)



NAO has the Infra advantage, SCS had the tech advantage. Far more even fight then you guys are trying to make it.

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KingWilliam (Peak Infrastructure 3,400.00) vs

Prof Kamikazi (Peak Infrastructure 4,199.99)

Atromico (Peak Infrastructure 4,099.99)

CyberUndead(Peak Infrastructure 3,199.99)


WANA (Peak Infrastructure 3,699.00) vs

Prof Kamikazi (Peak Infrastructure 4,199.99)

CyberUndead(Peak Infrastructure 3,199.99)


Staccs (Peak Infrastructure 2,499.99) vs

Atromico (Peak Infrastructure 4,199.99)

CyberUndead (Peak Infrastructure 3,199.99)

FoxBurro (Peak Infrastructure 1,999.99)


Gh0s7 (Peak Infrastructure 2,199.99) vs

Atromico (Peak Infrastructure 4,199.99)

DarkWater2 (Peak Infrastructure 2,199.99)

FoxBurro (Peak Infrastructure 1,999.99)


Edit: Bolded SCS so it's easier to tell/read

Edited by Gh0s7
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