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it's pew not boom

is not neither! it's Boom Head Shot, ask anyone!


Thanks to my big bros in DBDC for all the aid and tech sent(TB), I know that hurt letting loose of the tech! I am forever in your debt!

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A recruitment message:




70% of the world hates us, 80% of the world fears us, and 90% of this world wants to be us.


   We are an invite-only alliance held with very high standards. Most of you who are reading this and considering replying in this thread probably won’t be qualified to join. To be a member of DBDC, you must enjoy going to war and be competent in all aspects of the game. We don’t accept new or small nations and we don’t have guides or mentors. We don’t use a forum; instead, we conduct all business on IRC, Skype, and through the use of in-game alliance announcements.


Requirements to be a DOOMBIRD:

  • Technology Clause: You must have at least 15K tech 25k tech
  • Nation Strength Clause: You must have at least 140K NS 200k NS
  • Activity Clause: You must be IRC or Skype active.
  • Rotavele Clause: You must not be a complete tool. 

   We do not have many treaties, but we do have a couple with those alliances we consider our friends. World politics mean nothing to us. We don’t care who thinks they are in charge or who is running coalitions. If our friends are involved in a war, we will enter wherever we feel we can help them the most. Those who attack our friends and hide their upper tiers, we will hunt down those they are allied to and hurt them instead.




This is what happens to those who attack our friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMD6o7U0TZg


To join, apply to our AA in game and find a member on IRC and chat with them.  Our public IRC channel is #DBDC.  

You can also message leadership in-game.


Signed by the DOOMBIRD DOOMCAVE Study Group,









o/ Doomlords

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