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War shout outs


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Shout to Joshua R/Pudge/Methax/OTTO/Goldie, you guys were awesome as always to coordinate with :awesome:



Shout out to Steve B, you give it everything you got while facing insurmountable odds, great opponent



Also thanks for killing my general :P




Eigrim of Nordreich was good as well facing similar odds as Steve B

The best part is I got to kill a Kardashian.  Always wanted to do that. 


In the attack Kim Kardashian of the Navy branch with an XP level of 58 was killed.


You and Josh are the only two who have managed to out damage me.  But I knew you'd give me a beating, well done.

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Shout to AlmightyHero of Umbrella. Never have I have 4 nukes take out over 1k of my tech (though Big Z from GOD last war was probably close) and the war isn't over yet.


By far the most damaging single war I have ever been in. Only wish I had more nukes, hope I am keeping it somewhat interesting anyway. 

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Sparta, for doing their best to hold their own against two alliances currently larger than them with no support while on the winning side.  Also, for not complaining about it (at least from what I've seen, obviously not in coalition channels).  


Kudos to y'all.


Maybe they should activate their AO treaty.

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Shout out to

Ruler: Vitsen

Great war banter and this man is a ferocious fighter. 

even out teching and out infra'ing him he fought me to a draw,, 

This is how wars should be fought. 


To bad the rest of ODN caved so easily.

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Shout out to Erwin Schrodinger in NG for being my strongest target in my 1st round. It was a tough, destructive and fair fight.


Also to STORM RIDERS in NoR for being my strongest target in my 2nd round. No warchest, but putting up an excellent fight living on aid.


Finally, shout out to my SDI people for blocking close to nothing. They'll be up against the wall tomorrow.

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Kampfgruppe DragonAspect has proven its superiority once again.

Kampfgruppe Dragonaspect obviously hasn't read this thread recently enough! :P


Shoutouts go to almost all my war partners, be it LordSlop from VE, hartfw and Auto from Sengoku or IronHelix from IRON..

I probably forgot a few names I should have mentioned, since except for a few inactive nations everyone I fought with was a joy to coordinate with, but am too lazy to check who else I warred with this war, sorry :(


The best opponent I had this war was leongsh of TLR, I still have the sneaking suspicion that TLR bribed my SDI crew.. I think I only blocked 1-2 of your nukes :P

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HowlinMad of Mortal Wombat...it's like having a bulldog clamped to your nuts. Just get off FFS!


yeah I want to give a shout out to Turnip too. The last 21 days have been beautiful and I'm going to miss you. 

You have my respect sir, never giving up, always fights back and is a good laugh to talk to during battle. 

o/ TurnipCruncher of NoR

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