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DoE of Matriland


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Queen Penthesilea and Princess Sophia stood on top of a three-story balcony from the palace that overlooked the "backyard" of the palace. Thousands of people were gathered together and had cheered when their leader walked outside into the cold air.

The cheers continued until Penthesilea raised one of her hands and began trying to speak. "A government is formed. An economy is thriving. A people are ready to have their own country." The crowd began to cheer again, cutting her off until she was eventually able to continue again.

"Our mother nation, Tianxia, has graced us with the option of independence, which I humbly accept. Effective immediately, Matrialnd is a nation separate from all others." More chants and cheers came from the crowd which this time didnt quiet down for minutes. Although Matriland had no flag, many people had taken it upon themselves to write "Long Live the Queen" on banners and furiously wave them above everyones heads.

Princess Sophia stayed next to her mother and quietly smiled as hundreds of cameras were focused on them. Sophia could hear church bells ringing in the distance as word of independence reached all corners of the small country. The broadcast would instantaneously be transmitted around the world for all leaders and nations of the world to know.

Queen Penthesilea also explained how since their government existed, the class of poor has shrunk and a thriving middle class has been created while a decently sized upper class thrives. "We have so much more work to do, but I am honored that I can continue our work with all of you and your support. We now move onward to destiny."

The queen bowed and received chants of "Long live the queen" again again and again. Penthesilea and Sophia returned into the Palace. Sophia could see her mother was pleased. She felt pleased as well. Everyone seemed so happy and joyful to her. It was a rare instance to see people unite, and the formation of a country was usually a much more difficult thing to do. Matriland was now a nation but it still had a ways to go before its government was satisfied with the status quo of governance.

Matriland had no political sub-divisions. There was only one country under one executive leader. The queen was the head of government and head of state however she gave some of her executive responsibilities over to an appointed prime minister that would help her in the countrys day-to-day operations. The Senate had legislative power but could be overruled by the queen in most instances. While the queen had this power, she rarely used it. It was now tradition at this point to allow the senate to do what they wanted.

Matrilands military was small, but was big enough to keep order in the peaceful country. Over 5,500 women were well trained with firearms and martial arts. The Imperial Corps were the main military force of Matriland and was made up of 5,000 soldiers. The other 500 were of the Royal Guard which had the sole purpose of protecting the queen and the royal family.

While the queen was confident that her country would thrive she felt uncertain when it came to interacting with foreign countries. The Senate felt differently and not just by a small margin but by a lot which is why Penthesilea would listen to their pleas. She hopped to start with Russia and move on to other countries of Asia and Europe.

For now she didnt have to worry about that. She could enjoy the celebrations with her daughter.

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"Pending official confirmation from Tianxia, Legion graciously welcomes Matriland to the family of nations that graces our somewhat well used planet. As a measure of friendship and encouragement, Legion will allow Matriland to select a reasonable number of products they wish to import to Legion that shall not be subject to import taxes."

- Prime Minister J. Denard

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Yeah relations

A message was transmitted to the Matriland government:
Pending official approval from Moscow, we would like to send diplomats to investigate your nation and explore the possibilities of future diplomatic relationships.

Mascuria's good at long and solid relationships.
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