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The Last Remnants Declaration of War


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The Last Remnants Declaration of War





War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow man (Napoleon Hill)

There is little to say. We do not enter this war in anger or hatred but out of friendship and respect. Our allies have been attacked by an overwhelming force and we will assist them however we can. While we wish we could help them all, there is only so many of us in the Wasteland.

From Merger Madness 2.0:


Article 3.
If one signatory is attacked the other is obligated to enter the conflict in defense.


The Last Remnants hereby declares war on the Disciples of Destruction in defense of Non Grata.

Our thoughts are also with our friends in the New Pacific Order, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Orange Defense Network, the International and in no small way, with the New Sith Order.

And as always....


War. War never changes.




Elorian - Triumvir of the Last Remnants
Kestral - Triumvir of the Last Remnants
Rifleman - Triumvir of the Last Remnants
Stefano Palmieri - Minister of IA
Rush Sykes - Minister of FA
JSoprano - Minister of Economics

P.S. Because I got to post this, this fabulous piece of music is now our battle music.


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Top Posters In This Topic

May the Desciples of Destruction crush your faces and eat your souls.

You're just mad because we told Rush to sit in PM.



I guess the acronym war will never happen


I don't know, it may yet. But maybe some other time when it would be less about everyone else and more about the different t's and L's and r's.

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We totally didn't see this coming... Not like one of your guys attacked roughly 7 hours before your DoW :P

Yeah... I took seven hours to pretty up the post? Um, had to do my hair? Polish my nails?


Consider it an early present :)

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