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NPO Maestro’s 2nd Sing-Along War Report for the War of the Orders

Sir Paul

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Maestro’s Second Sing-Along War Report for the War of the Orders





My Emperor, His Honored Regent and Imperial Officers, Honored Allies, Respected Enemies, Indeterminate Neutrals, Friends, Detractors, and my fellow Pacificans:


As this conflagration continues to consume infrastructure, land, and technology, I am reminded that we as Pacificans must strike out against evil with all weapons at our disposal:  Including the shear sonic power of a sing-along war report.


Already, after just one report, we have secured the first of what will be many surrenders. 


How, you may ask, can an alliance outnumbered and outgunned not only survive, but thrive, and even win this war?


You will find your answer below:


Sing Along War Report – Up All Night: Y10.T1.02


Sir Paul and Gumppera

Imperator Populusque Pacificus

November 14, 2013

10 Years of Order

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