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Peace Agreement X2 Combo

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Pace Traty


  • The Alternian Empire (AE) and The International Commonwealth of Nations (ICoN) hereby declare an end to hostilities.
  • ICoN agrees not to attack former CoIN nations not currently under the ICoN AA.
  • AE and ICoN agree to hold cross-alliance talks regarding ICoN's prosperity and future. Either party may choose to leave said talks at their own discretion. Any agreement made during said talks shall be non-binding unless agreed otherwise by AE and ICoN.


Signed, on behalf of ICoN:
CobaltWolf -Founder
Danger -Director of Directors
Signed, on behalf of AE:
Revolutionary Rebel - Empress
JohnHenryHoliday - Agent of War
Saniiro Matsudaira - Agent of Diplomaneuvering
Kronia Dolius - Agent of Auspitizing
Marc Rodin - Agent of Prosperity

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